The Detroit Wallpaper Co.

HP Latex Printer Series

The Detroit Wallpaper Co. specializes in customizable wallpaper. After purchasing its first HP Latex printer, knowledge spread of the Latex technology, and the business expanded rapidly.

As the business continued to grow, and to meet expectations, it invested in additional Latex printers. The investment in the HP Latex 3600 Printer has enabled the company to move into the large commercial projects sector.

Since we've gotten the 3600 it's allowed us to go after contract commercial clients, we're talking about customizing on a grand scale, large runs of thousands of square feet of material, that all have to be perfect, the reliability of the 3600, made that possible.

– Andy Kubacki, Co-President

HP DesignJetのすべてを体感 HP 東京グラフィックス エクスペリエンス センター


当デモルームは2022年春、東京都大田区平和島に「 HP 東京グラフィックス エクスペリエンス センター」としてリニューアル移転いたしました。





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