As an early adopter of HP Latex ink chemistry, OPG has experienced and benefited from performance enhancing investments HP has made in Latex Ink since its first iteration.

For us, 1st Generation HP Latex ink proved to be a welcome revolution.

2nd and 3rd generation HP Latex inks were more than incremental evolutions; they’re milestones on our journey to maximise profitability through efficiency, performance and sustainability.

Our suite of legacy, HP Latex 570 printers routinely endure gruelling duty cycles, exceeding expectations- even machine specifications. They continue to serve us well; nevertheless, we’re currently assessing which of the new HP Latex offerings we will replace these with.

Our flagship HP Latex 3200 printing system continues to be a pivotal lever for change as our rules of engagement within our marketplace are re-written due to climate change and the imminent COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this year.

Our HP Latex 3200 platform is a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Many HP Latex 3200 features of themselves have been game changers for us. Since authorised HP reseller Papergraphics installed the machines, they allow us to plan frequent unattended print runs with confidence – no matter the deadline. Odourless inks and negligible vented emissions thanks to the HP Latex 3200 self-contained vapour removal system ensure our print room air remains safe and fresh for operators, visitors and near-neighbours. Waste packaging from HP ink boxes and ink condensate is simply streamed in line with our ISO14001 certified environmental management system. All other HP recyclates are effortlessly managed through the HP Planet Partners Program which is a breeze to use.

We also profit from measurably lower cost of ownership through faster media loading & unloading plus reduced wastage during material thread up due to shorter materials lead-in/lead-out. The HP Latex 3200 proved itself an industrial strength print platform. We named ours The Workhorse. We throw heavy weight rolls of media at it (110M x 1.520M, 155M x 1.370M) and it never complains. This adds up to less operator intervention, more uptime and enhanced yields.

Compared with other equipment we’ve used, the HP Latex 3200 is energy efficient, so we also profit from reduced electricity costs. Another Win-Win scenario is the consistent, predictable print quality we enjoy using HP Latex printers.

HP Latex print quality is engineered to impress – our customers love it!

Whether it’s job to job or sheet to sheet, getting the job right first time means happy customers, operators and business owners. Our HP Latex printers deliver excellent value for money, shift after shift, year after year. HP Latex gives us confidence to grow our business through pursuing larger scale projects.

We specialise in branded vehicle graphics. Occasionally, accident damage requires repairs. We often produce colour matched parts to match undamaged parts, avoiding the need to reproduce the entire job. This means less waste destined for landfill. Similarly, HP Latex inks are fade resistant so retain their stunning vibrancy and exceptional colour gamut for years, so no requirement for mid-life print refreshes during extended marketing campaigns. All this notwithstanding, HP goes the extra mile for us to ensure maximum return on our investment in HP Latex technology.

We benefit from HP Remote Diagnostics and also HP Latex 3000 Expert Uptime Kit - one of our team is HP trained to diagnose equipment malfunctions. On the rare occasion machine components require swap-outs, our own people access our onsite HP Latex 3000 Expert Uptime Kit (which covers the majority of mission-critical components) and carry out just-in-time, onsite repairs.

For us, this all adds up to a unique, value proposition from HP underpinning the OPG business philosophy of Quality delivered consistently in a safe environment all made possible by HP Know How.


OPG proudly supplies fleet branded graphics for the NatWest RBS Mobile Branch Banking Service. We specified our top shelf offering; 3M™Envision™ Print Wrap Film LX480Cv3. This non-PVC film is a ‘matched component’ for HP Latex inks with enviable green credentials offering maximum visual impact and durability.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

As the world migrates from Internal Combustion Engines to Electric Vehicles, Thanks to HP Latex inks, OPG is poised to offer ‘Greener’ branded graphics for EV charging stations as these present new opportunities for branded display graphics. These recent examples of our work illustrate this exciting opportunity.

Greggs PLC

OPG takes immeasurable pride fulfilling Greggs vehicle branding solutions, including their efficient fleet of 15.6M longer semi-trailers, double-decked trailers and refrigerated trucks. These represent some of the largest graphics we produce. Our investment in HP Latex technology allows us scalability without compromising agility.

These striking images are great examples of how HP printing technology allows OPG to remain increasingly responsive and flexible. Each stylish example was printed onto high performance digital films using our state-of-the-art HP Latex 3200 grand format printer. It uses cutting edge, 3rd generation ink chemistry that is environmentally friendly, water-based and fade resistant. These proven, matched components produce spectacular results that look as beautiful as they are durable, offering maintenance-free promotional branding-in all weathers, year after year.

As part of our programme of continual business improvement, OPG Management Systems for Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection are audited and certified to globally recognised standards by British Standards Institute (BSI): ISO 9001: 2015, ISO45001:2018 & IS014001:2015. OPG is also registered by Alcumus as a Safe Contractor and holds Cyber Essentials Certification.

As well as a registered HP Trained Printing Company, OPG is a recognised GMG Colour Management House.

What does this mean for our clients?


Quality delivered consistently in a safe environment all made possible by HP Know-how.

Greggs plc is a British bakery chain. It specialises in savoury products. OPG is proud to be their supplier of choice for fleet branding solutions.

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