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HP- recognized among the most sustainable corporations in the world.

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Having Purpose
Reinvent the Future of Sustainable Printing
The Science of Latex
Helps You Win
Sustainability overview - Environmental labels and certificates
Reducing Impact
HP Success Stories
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HP Sustainability Impact Series

Watch the replay - HP Sustainability Impact series

Having Purpose

Having purpose is essential. It drives us. Inspires us. Literally, keep us alive. And not many companies have the opportunity or ability to have a purpose like HP's: To create technology that makes life better for every-one, everywhere. It is a bold and authentic reason for being.
Sustainable Impact is our commitment to create positive, lasting change for the planet, its people and our communities. And it´s been a part of our company´s DNA from the very beginning. Eighty years ago. Dave Packard, one of HP´s founders said. "The betterment of our society is not a job to be left to a few. It is a responsability to be shared by all".

Reinvent the Future of Sustainable Printing

Every year new digital printing technology emerges, aiming to find the latest ways to improve the printing quality while minimizing printing time and keeping it sustainable. With an end-to-end approach, HP continues to drive a greater sustainable impact in large-format printing with each new generation of HP Latex Printing System. HP has the commitment and the scale to address current, as well as anticipated environmental needs, and to continue leading the change in signage printing.

The Science of Latex

HP Latex is a water-based ink technology, meaning up to 65% of the ink formula is water.

The latest water-based HP Latex Inks are designed to avoid the hazards associated with other inks without trading off performance making safer operations easier with more comfortable work environment for your operators. HP Latex Inks don't require special ventilation, as they do not release Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). They avoid reactive monomer chemistry exposure and ozone generation. This ink formula is combined with wetting agents and humectants needed for printhead reliability (which, incidentally, your HP home printer also uses) to produce a liquid ink vehicle that carries the latex polymer and pigment particles to and through the printer's printheads onto the substrate.

Radiant heat and forced airflow evaporate the liquid and set the latex, binding the pigments and substrate together to leave a durable image on the print media surface. Prints are ready to use, even animate, immediately.

Helps You Win

Creating more opportunity--support customers' sustainability goals, differentiate your business, and gain advantages to access new business.

Businesses that offer a wide range of products can potentially reach more customers, more time-and cost-effectively, if they use the same equipment. Latex Inks are suitable for direct-to-substrate printing onto the lengthy list of materials, with many media certified for use by manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

Signage applications include retail displays, outdoor signage, window graphics, vehicle wraps, event and exhibition displays, soft signage. stickers and decals, clothing, and backlits.

In the decor market, Latex is also used successfully for fade-resistant window blinds, canvases, wall coverings, PVC flooring, and textiles including synthetic leather. This ingrained compatibility also enables PSPs to use alternative substrates with certain environmental attributes into their ranges like: reclaimed wood, FSC-certified sustainable papers, PVC-free materials, and textiles.

Finally, HP has now expanded the versatility and opportunity for its printers even more with the introduction of white HP Latex Ink for use in its systems.

Sustainability overview - Environmental labels and certificates

Reducing Impact

Reducing impact--aspiring to a world without waste. With an end-to-end approach, HP continues to drive a greater sustainable impact in large-format printing through manufacturing, product design materials, and product and print end of life.

HP Latex prints are recyclable, returnable, or non-hazardous and safe for disposal. The new HP Eco-Carton ink cartridge says goodbye to plastic-based ink cartridges - reducing plastic by 80%.

The carton box can be recycled locally, while the ink bag can be returned for free through HP Planer Partners, as well as used HP Printheads.

Recycling supplies is easy with HP Planet Partners

HP Success Stories


Ekologický tisk s tiskárnou HP Latex R1000

OClock Soluciones

HP Latex R2000, perfektní odpověď

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HP Latex
Think Print Isn’t Sustainable? Think again!

Did you know that the latest generation of water-based HP Latex inks don’t require any hazard warning labels nor do they contain any Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) [1]?

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HP Sustainability Impact Series

Sustainability is the need of the hour - for customers, brands and businesses alike. As one of the most sustainable companies in the world, HP continues to lead the change in sustainable printing solutions. Now it's time to think about how sustainable change can come from something as simple as how we choose to print. Together we can drive effective change for a sustainable future. Join our event series to know the latest sustainability trends and how they can have a positive impact and benefits to your business.Our HP LARGE FORMAT SUSTAINABLE IMPACT agenda:Septembre, 30, 2021 - Motivation to be sustainable coffee talkOctober 14, 2021 - Trends towards a circular business model coffee talkOctober 21, 2021 - Water-based ink - safety and certification advantages coffee talkOctober 28, 2021 - Putting sustainability at the heart of your business webinarNovember 4, 2021 - How to meet brands' increasing sustainability demands coffee talk

Interested in our sustainability?

Designed to avoid the hazards associated with eco-solvent, UV, and UV-gel inks without trading off performance

Sharpen your sustainability edge with HP Latex

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HP Latex R1000 Printer

Pomozte nastartovat růst vaší firmy se snadným automatickým tiskem úloh s vysokou hodnotou na pevná média s použitím bílé barvy1

HP Latex R1000 Plus Printer

Zvyšte růst svého podnikání tiskem úloh s vysokou hodnotou na jednom zařízení pomocí bílého inkoustu1, na pevná i pružná média.

HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer

Nekompromisní kvalita a barvy1 na pevných médiích formátu až 2,5 m (98 palců) pro trvale udržitelnou produkci

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