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The digital benefits
Polyester fabrics
Non polyester indoor decoration
Rigid and flexible material with white ink
Media choice
Sustainable Impact

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Learn how to produce Textile Separation Panels with HP Latex or HP STITCH Printers.

HP large- format printing solutions for decorative applications.
Download our free brochure and discover endless possibilities.

Turn your client's briefs into reality

HP enables you to offer your clients tremendous creative freedom with a broad substrate choice, odorless indoor prints, a vast partner network, and the right technology for every scenario.

Design – The only limit is your imagination.

Digital printing makes it easy to produce high-margin, individual interior decoration.
Thanks to digital printing you can provide the level of flexibility and customization customers in this high sector require.

Offer rich experiences by creating individualized decoration and unique spaces.

Keep your Business interiors up-to-date and renovate around new trends.

Discover new ways to express your identity to differentiate your brand.

Design your own personal interior as a true work of art.
Customize and create a perfect match with all your interior elements.

Interior Dècor printing webinar

Webinar recording

Missed the opportunity to discover the endless possibilities in the décor printing industry? No problem.

Download the webinar recording and get inspired by our HP print maestro Terry Raghunath, industry influencers, designers and HP customers. There is also a short demonstration on one of HP's groundbreaking décor printing solutions, the HP Latex R2000, showcasing just some of the colourful potential decorative applications.

HP large- format printing solutions for decorative applications. Download our free brochure and discover endless possibilities.

The digital benefits

HP Large Format printing solutions are a great fit for the interior decoration market, providing unique benefits whether you’re a print service provider looking to expand into new high-margin applications like customized projects or canvas; a wallcovering or window blinds manufacturer looking to differentiate with high-end, luxury collections; a designer looking to create an advantage with shorter design-to-manufacturing time; or an interior decorator with a vision for creating experiences through spaces.

“Digital printing offers me specific benefits, such as infinite colors without register limits, easy customization, and inmediate proofing on a wide varity of media with lesser design-to-production time. “

Design studio

“I can now complement my existing equipment with a new technology that helps me offer customized short runs and exclusive collections to my customers. I no longer have to worry about stock risk.”


“With a much faster turnaround time. I can now deliver personalized designs to my customers with easy tailoring of scale.”

Interior decorator

“Thanks to digital printing I now have access to a broad range of medias and a wide variety of designs. It also helps me develop high margin application for interior decoration.”

Print service provider

Why HP Large-Format printers are the smart choice for multiple print jobs

Polyester fabrics

HP STITCH dye sublimation printers offer vibrant and accurate colors across the fleet and over time. They are ideal for large format textile printing and allow applications such as curtains, cushions, upholstery, etc.

From sample to final production, repeat your designs with stable colors, even over long periods of time1. From bed linens to curtains and cushions to roller blinds, the HP STITCH S Printer series knows almost no limits, on a wide range of media and polyester fabrics.

Unrivaled repeatability from swatches to production

Curtain 1

Printed with HP STITCH 500 Printer on Premier Textiles Charleston. 189 g/ m2 - 100% Polyester in 4 passes, at 34 m2/h (365 ft2/h)
Paper transfer: 57 g/m2

Curtain 2

Printed with HP STITCH 1000 Printer on Premier Textiles Charleston. 189 g/ m2 - 100% Polyester in 4 passes, at 130 m2/h (1400 ft2/h)
Paper transfer: 57 g/m2


Printed with HP STITCH 300 Printer on Premier Textiles 2441 Denver. 67 g/ m2 - 100% Polyester in 4 passes, at 34 m2/h (365 ft2/h).
Paper transfer: 57 g/m2


Printed with HP STITCH S500 on Premier Textiles Kansas. 67 g/ m2 - 100% Polyester material with a velvet touch and feel in 4 passes at 34 m2/h (365 ft2/h)
Paper transfer: 57 g/ m2

Download our step-by step guide on how to print on pillows and blankets with HP STITCH Printers.

  1. Based on HP and third-party testing, comparing HP Stitch S Printers with other large-format dye-sublimation printers on the market under $250,000 (USD) as of March 2019. For details, please visit hp.com/go/stitchclaims.

Non polyester indoor decoration

Access a broad range of interior décor applications, including canvases, window blinds, synthetic leather, and wall coverings. Explore additional home décor applications on materials made from 100% cotton or cotton linen, such as curtains, cushions, lampshades, and bags, With HP Latex, you will get odorless prints that dry instantly as well as benefit from a technology that achieves the very highest environmentally certified standards.

Reach new indoor spaces with odorless prints

Increase your application portfolio and capture a new market with customized wall coverings, wall decals, canvases, etc

Excellent color quality
No edge cracking

Yield higher margins with everything from gallery-wrap stretched canvas to wide-format canvases up to 3.2 m (10.5 ft). Thanks to HP Latex, you can stretch and fold without cracking, and eliminate the need for lamination.

Adapt to the surface you want

Synthetic leather

Printed with HP Latex 1500 Printer series on Endutex Napaprint

Add customized designs, color, and brand identity to window blinds.

5 Exciting growth market trends

Rigid and flexible material with white ink

From rigid to flexible, transform almost any material with stunning colors and the glossiest of whites. HP Latex R Printer Series 2020 Edition, offers improved productivity performance and access to new applications like short-run special packaging or printed thermoforming.

Discover how white ink can give your business a competitive Edge
Thinking about white ink? 3 reasons to choose HP Latex Technology
Diversify your portfolio with white ink print modes

Transform substrates. Transform your business.

Art reproduction on: Polycarbonate / Wood / Aluminum Composite Panels

Enter the highly profitable world of decoration with white ink. Achieve the glossiest of whites1 on new substrates like wood, aluminum, glass, ceramic, and acrylic while preserving the gloss and feel and deliver prints with no smell.

Media choice

To achieve extraordinary results, it is crucial to pair the right media and printing technology. That is why HP offers a wide range of medias that are designed and tested to work in sync with all the HP printing technologies. With more than 2,000 media profiles available, you will be able to get vibrant and accurate colors across your interior decoration jobs in just a few clicks.

Use unique substrates to differentiate your offering:
• Embossed, textured, metallic coated media - specialty media can become your specialty
• You’re no longer limited to traditional industry widths

Choose from a wide range of tested and certified medias from the industry’s best media providers across the world.

Sustainable Impact

At HP, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. That is why HP large format printing technology provides an easy way to improve your sustainability profile amongst customers and can transform your day-to-day operating environment.

Take HP Latex, for example. Water-based HP Latex Inks offer an attractive environmental and health profile to both print service providers and their customers. With credentials addressing indoor air quality concerns, HP Latex Inks produce odorless prints that are ideal for interior spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals or homes.

How the post-pandemic ‘hybrid working office’ creates new opportunities for décor printing innovation

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