Printville PLT

Fulfilling high-value jobs and same-day deliveries with HP Latex 700 W

Upgrading to HP Latex technology to unlock speed and sustainability

Rapidly increasing demand for fast delivery of large format posters pushed Print’s initial setup to the maximum limit. Due to tightly packed factory floor, there was an immediate need for an efficient, eco-friendly printing solution that had minimal toxic emissions and could deliver results in-house.

Mr. M. Fadhil’s partnership with HP began with the purchase of the HP Latex 365 printer, which helped Print secure ‘on-demand’ short-runs with good margins, and generated trust among the client community. It helped them deliver orders faster and eliminated the need for lamination to reduce overall turnaround time.

“HP Latex helped us unlock many new applications swiftly and with ease. Due to the minimal supervision required, we could focus on experimenting more without worrying about interruptions.”
-Mr. M. Fadhil, Owner, Printville PLT

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HP Latex 700 W: Empowering Print's precision and performance

When Mr. M. Fadhil learned about the multiple benefits of White Ink and the HP Latex 700 W printer, he traded in the HP Latex 365 for the new printer. This proved to be a game changer for Print due to numerous reasons:

  • Low maintenance: The HP Latex 700 W required minimal supervision and offered uninterrupted runs, reducing the need for constant monitoring

  • Odourless, water-based ink: It not only improved the working conditions in their small, enclosed factory-floor but also attracted eco-conscious clients

  • High-quality customised printing: With HP Latex White Ink, Print delivered exceptional results even with jobs that required complex, multi-layered printing

  • Faster turnaround time: Thanks to the instant-dry prints of the HP Latex 700 W, they could achieve same-day delivery!

“Be it in 2-layer or 3-layer printing, HP Latex 700 W’s White Ink output is hands down the best! What makes it even better is that the prints are instant-dry, meaning they can be applied right away without losing any time.”
-Mr. M. Fadhil, Owner, Printville PLT

The adoption of the HP Latex 700 W not only transformed Print's printing capabilities but also has positioned them as a leader in precision, performance, and sustainability. The printer's advanced features have become integral to Print's success.

Growth in numbers

With these benefit and business outcomes, Print witnessed an impressive 35% increase in monthly sales revenue. Today, they also offer premium services for on-demand urgent deliveries – recently achieving a milestone by delivering 8,000 stickers per week!

As Print continues to grow and explore new horizons, the HP Latex 700 W will be crucial to help them diversify into more applications, tap into new markets, and take on even more challenging projects.

Read the complete story and discover how Print accelerated their ROI and went from a small print shop to one of Melaka’s top print houses.


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