Pixtor Solution

Winning high-value signage and window sticker jobs with White Ink technology

Pixtor Solution, based in Ipoh, Perak, started out as a small business a decade ago by Mr. Muhamad Sholekhin and his brother. The business today has evolved into a prominent print service provider in the area.

Pixtor Solution, initially venturing into large format solutions with UV and eco-solvent printers, faced significant challenges with colour accuracy and prolonged drying times. The need for a more efficient and reliable printing solution led them to invest in the HP Latex 700 W printer which provided higher quality, faster turnaround time, and enhanced durability in their prints.

HP Latex 700 W and the White Ink advantage

Switching to the HP Latex 700 W proved to be a great move for Pixtor Solution due to its unique, innovative White Ink application. It allowed them to overcome previous limitations and open avenues for business growth by:

• Enabling them to accept high-value jobs like signboards, stickers, and wallpapers—strengthening the revenue stream.
• Making it easier to print on transparent materials and experiment with new applications.

In addition to unlocking new possibilities with White Ink, the HP Latex 700 W also brought with it many other benefits:

Colour accuracy: The 6 colour inks produced more precise and vibrant colours
Swift turnaround: Instant-dry prints reduced project timelines significantly
Extended durability: The longevity of the prints increased significantly by up to 3 years
Maintenance: Automatic maintenance saved time and manpower costs

“With the HP Latex 700 W, we can achieve accurate colours, extra durability, print on transparent materials easily, and even reduce turnaround time due to instant-dry prints that are ready for application.”
-Mr. Muhamad Sholekhin, Managing Director, Pixtor Solution

Download the full case study.

Completing projects with speed and efficiency

3D LED Signboard
To meet the challenge of ensuring consistent colours during both day and night, Pixtor Solution leveraged the HP Latex 700 W. The printing process was completed in just one day for two unique restaurant branches!

Signage and window stickers
Tasked with producing 20-30 store signage for a major retail company in Malaysia in under one day, Pixtor Solution accomplished the task with ease, thanks to the instant-dry inks of the HP Latex 700 W.

“Our biggest pain point was the long drying times associated with eco-solvent printers. However, with the instant-dry prints of HP Latex 700 W, we no longer need to wait 1-2 days. Moreover, the printer’s speed and efficiency also accelerate the process - now we can accept a job in the morning, get it printed, and complete the final application by the same afternoon!”
-Mr. Muhamad Sholekhin, Managing Director, Pixtor Solution

Boosting sales by 3x with 3M certification and HP Latex technology

Pixtor Solution’s association with HP Latex and their appointment as a 3M authorised media vendor over a year ago has helped them attract exclusive clients like government agencies, which require necessary certification (3M material). This has led to a remarkable 3x increase in sales and a number of high-value projects.

Mr. Muhamad Sholekhin envisions even greater success for Pixtor Solution as they continue to explore the untapped potential of the HP Latex 700 W, capitalising on its reputation for delivering premium quality prints.

“Informing the customers that we use HP Latex is a unique selling point. Despite the premium price, 80-90% of inquiries and quotes result in orders.”
-Mr. Muhamad Sholekhin, Managing Director, Pixtor Solution

Read the full case study to know more about Pixtor Solution’s remarkable journey and their profitable partnership with the HP Latex printer.


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