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Because the world is changing rapidly, it is important to remember that every action we take today can have an impact on subsequent generations and achieving the best means sustainability should be a consideration at every stage.
Architects, engineers and contractors face the biggest challenge on the planet – to redesign and rebuild the world sustainably. For this reason, no business can operate without a clear sustainability agenda – it is a business imperative.
Every year Larry Fink, the CEO of the world’s largest investor Blackrock, writes to the CEOs of the companies it has a stake in. The letter sent just before the COVID crisis was unusual because of its focus on a single topic: sustainability.
Fink told CEOs that business must, “reassess core assumptions about modern finance”, concluding that, “climate risk is investment risk.”

What this means is that companies who do not consider the environment will find they are bottom of the pile when it comes to investment. This will also affect privately-owned businesses because their clients, who are most likely under investment, will insist on ever-more sustainable solutions.

This sustainability imperative will therefore extend beyond business operation and business execution and into every area of a business’ function. The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector is perceived as being resource-heavy, but it’s possible to mitigate much of the environmental impact of a build in novel ways, for example through highly efficient operation or the smart use of renewables during the construction phase.

Zero carbon buildings are no longer unattainable and are now aspirations for firms and for clients.
Similarly, modern businesses must look at new ways to minimise their overall carbon footprint and keep reducing it.
This means finding and using the tools that have the least impact while maintaining high value for businesses.
Print remains one of the best ways to reduce the carbon footprint of a business. Print has traditionally been seen as wasteful, but recent developments have turned that perception on its head.

HP not only produces printers that reduce the amount of ink used, but has made a strong commitment to leaving a positive impact on the environment for our future generations.

In addition, HP has a long history of producing products that are both made from recycled materials, and designed to be recycled. Together, it’s why HP was named by Newsweek as the top company in its Most Responsible Company list for both 2020 and 2021.
All architects, engineers and contractors are instrumental in redesigning and rebuilding the schools, hospitals, homes, offices and public spaces we need for a more sustainable and equitable world. HP plotters are an essential part of this journey, designed for collaboration so you can design, print, make changes and upload those changes easily. So you can design and build a better future.

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