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All these models can unlock the benefits of white ink–without complexity. Our unique automatic recirculation system and printhead cleaning reduce manual purging and help prevent clogs and lets you take advantage of the whitest white HP Latex Inks: high-opacity whites5 that resist yellowing over time.

Q: We’re embracing the benefits of digital connectivity. Which Latex printer is for me?

A: All Latex printers come with our HP PrintOS 6 digital suite, complete with advanced functionality such as remote monitoring to stay on top of daily projects and make data-driven decisions from virtually anywhere at any time. Gain visibility to your HP connected printers and eliminate repetitive, time-consuming set-up procedures. Backups are automatic, and you can easily restore printer and substrate configurations.

No matter which printer you choose, you’ll get to simplify and automate print production.

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1.- Compared to the previous models (HP Latex 300 and 500 Printer series).
2.- 269 ft2/hr (25 m2/hr) indoor and 388 ft2/hr (36 m2/hr) outdoor applicable to the HP Latex 800 Printer series. For all printers, Outdoor mode (Banner) 4-pass, 100%. Indoor mode (SAV) 6-pass, 100%. Based on internal HP testing in September 2020 on Avery 3001. Print speed may vary due to the adaptive printing mechanism to avoid image quality defects.
3.- Based on HP internal testing, the HP Latex 3600 Printer can reliably handle production peaks up to 350,000 ft² (35,000 m²) per month (in 6-pass print mode). Repeat monthly production at this volume is not recommended and may require additional maintenance.
4.- Based on internal HP testing, September 2020, comparing the HP Latex Print and Cut Plus Solution with integrated print and cut solutions at a comparable cost. An integrated printer/cutter device is a large-format printer that has a contour cutter embedded in the same printer that prints the media, then moves the media backwards to cut the printed output.
5.- White ink available for the HP Latex 700 W and 800 W Printers. Whitest white based on ISO/DIS 23498 compared to competitive alternatives using solvent and UV technologies under $50,000 USD as of May, 2020. Test performed on black opaque self-adhesive vinyl (L*:4.16 – a:0,48-b:2,34) with 160% UF printmode using HP 832 1-liter White Latex Ink Cartridge with the HP Latex 700 W Printer and 836 White Latex Ink Cartridge with the HP Latex 800 W Printer. Visual opacity = 91%.
6.- https://www.hp.com/uk-en/commercial-printers/floater/printos.html

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