ACA Digitale

ACA Digitale uses HP Latex technology to enhance its range of retail solutions while respecting sustainability.

Thanks to the HP Latex 2700W technology, the company will be able to meet high levels of demand, optimize work processes, and increase margins thanks to innovative applications.

The ACA Digitale printing center was founded in 2009, quickly establishing itself on the national panorama of small and large format digital printing. Experience, passion, constant updating, choice of the best materials, partnerships with high-level suppliers and dedication to work have produced brilliant results, allowing the company to achieve an important goal: to be a point of reference today for the quality and experience of setting up the points of sale.

On the occasion of Viscom 2022, ACA Digitale has the opportunity to learn about the functions and added value of HP Latex 2700W, which would have allowed it to enrich its product range and offer solutions with high quality and sustainability standards, thus responding to the requests always evolving of its retail customers, shops of important fashion and luxury brands as well as points of sale in the large-scale distribution sector.

ACA Digitale thus introduces the HP Latex L2700W in its fleet in November 2022, in order to increase its business by offering premium products and increasing its profit margins, differentiating itself from the competition. Thanks to white ink, the company has created very high quality window stickers, stickers, wrapping on materials with a colored and transparent background, which it could not have created with other technologies.

“I was looking for a versatile technology that would improve the quality of our productions, but above all sustainable from an environmental point of view. – said Raffaele Ruggiero, owner of ACA Digitale - I thought that HP Latex 2700W was the perfect printer for my future business projects and I must say that today I am fully satisfied. For us, using latex inks, eco-friendly supports and providing odorless prints for closed environments with low environmental impact means offering a truly sustainable solution.”

In fact, HP Latex 2700W printers offer the whitest white ink on the market and are easy to use. With automatic ink recirculation and the ability to store the white printheads in an offline rotating chamber, waste is eliminated between jobs that require white ink. HP Latex 2700W uses fourth generation water-based HP Latex inks and have obtained UL ECOLOGO® certification, also meeting UL GREENGUARD GOLD and Toy Safety requirements. This allows ACA Digitale to accept jobs even in the most rigorous environments, such as hospitals and schools, while also increasing the safety of its print operators, who work in a safe environment.

To complete the range and to be able to better respond to the needs of its customers, the print shop also introduced HP Latex 800W, in January 2023.

In doing so, with a single technology scalable on different machines and productivity, it manages to simplify processes and guarantee constant quality on a large scale of products and solutions.

HP Latex inks, thanks to their water-based composition, allow you to obtain prints that are safe for the health of both workers and customers. A fundamental aspect if one thinks of indoor commercial spaces, such as a store for example, which in addition to being a place for visits by customers is also a work environment for many people who spend the whole day in contact with different objects and materials, such as visual communication elements and wall and object decorations. Furthermore, recyclable print media, if printed with HP Latex water-based inks, maintain their recyclability characteristics intact and can be included in a circular economy process.

HP PrintOS, standard in all HP Latex printers, helps support ACA Digitale in managing and verifying production progress even through mobile devices, planning a careful cost analysis and monitoring production in real time from anywhere. The cloud-based operating system fosters productivity and stimulates innovation with a unique suite of applications that offer greater control over processes and allow them to be simplified.

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