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Monster Print innovates its print output without the added cost

Monster Print doesn’t need to make the hard choice of producing amazing work or reducing its environmental impact - with the HP R-Series printer it gets to have both.

Monster Print has one goal - to deliver high quality printing no matter what. The New Zealand-based print company prides itself on being a cut above the rest by working closely with its clients to bring even the most daring vision to life. Regardless of size, scale or budget it strongly believes in being the best in quality.
But as demand increased and more complex projects came its way, Monster’s set-up was in need of change. That’s when their supplier recommended the HP R-Series printer range. With its amazing colour range, fast print times and recyclable inks, Monster Print was sold.
“Back in 2013 we had just a UV flatbed, but in 2018 as things picked up and shifted to higher volume prints we needed an upgrade,” says Christophe Kiou, Managing Director for Monster Print, “I heard about the HP R-series printers and initially thought it was too much for us. But the fact that we could print directly on boards and the quality was out of this world with eco-friendly inks—it was kind of a no brainer.”
Through the power of the HP R-Series Latex printer, Monster Print is now better able to bring even the most ambitious projects to life without sacrificing on cost, labour or environmental impact.

– Christophe Kiou, Managing Director, Monster Print

"As we shifted to more ambitious projects, we needed an upgrade that would let us go above and beyond. With its amazing colour range, recyclable inks and fast print times, going with an HP-R-Series printer was a no-brainer."

Unparalleled quality

Monster Print is not one to back down from a challenge

Whether it’s billboards, wallpaper or car decals, Monster Print prides itself on collaborating with its clients and finding new and exciting ways to innovate the world of print. But with new projects comes the risk of settling on an idea that may be time-consuming, or near impossible, to print. So when choosing a printer it was important for Monster Print to have something that would allow them to go above and beyond but also produce runs quickly, efficiently and in high quality. With the HP R-Series printer this is not only possible but incredibly quick and
easy to do.
Now we can print a job at two times the speed than before,” Says Kiou, “there’s no learning curve. Before we might have done some trial and error with more custom unique signs or standees, as we’d be concerned our printers might jam or the project would be too complicated. But now, I can confidently sell an idea on any substrate and charge more for the
same amount of labour.

Monster Print is now equipped to get high-scale jobs done without the worry of running out of time. Even something as time-consuming as printing on white ink can be done much more quickly thanks to the HP R-Series printer. As opposed to UV printers, the HP R-Series printers allow businesses to print on a range of substrates quickly and with incredible colour pay-off, including white ink.
Before when we had to set up for white ink it would take like 2 hours, but now it’s just 30 minutes,” says Kiou.

– Christophe Kiou, Managing Director, Monster Print

"Now we can print a job twice as fast. There's no learning curve. Unlike UV printers, our HP R-Series lets us to print on a range of substrates quickly and with incredible colour pay-off, including white ink."

Cost and labour savings

Save time and money without compromising its high standards.

Like any business time is money, and the HP R-Series printer helps Monster Print save on both without compromising its high standards. With the core of its client work being large format signage it takes hours to set-up even a single job, especially if it involves using white ink. Factoring in the extra time it takes for cutting and tacking the final product, completing projects
in a timely manner can be days in the making. Because of the HP R-Series printer Monster Print gets things done quickly and doesn’t need to charge its clients more for its increased level of quality.
I can print directly onto the boards and save 25 per cent in labour costs. My clients see the difference in quality, and I don’t need to charge them more. It means we can be more competitive when bidding to customers and save them up to 10 per cent in fees,” says Kiou. Being able to deliver better quality results quickly and for less money means Monsters Print maintains its competitive edge. It gives the team time to really focus on its customers needs and pitch more ambitious, customised projects.
Elevating its output not only innovates Monster Print but also its client base.

Printing Green

Commited to HP EcoSolutions

Trying to be more conscious about sustainability is an important part of Monster Print’s business model. Large scale, innovative printing can come at a large environmental impact so it's incredibly important that its printers are as eco-friendly as possible. So the fact that all HP Latex inks are recyclable, odourless and water-based is a huge bonus.
More and more customers care about eco-friendly products, but sometimes these can be a little more expensive. But that’s not the case with the R-Series, most of the time when our quotes end up being the same as a competitor, once we tell them we print eco-friendly it puts them over the top and they end up going with us,” says Kiou.
Monster Print doesn’t need to make the hard choice of producing amazing work or reducing its environmental impact - with the HP R-Series printer it gets to have both. Monster Print is doing things it never thought possible with the HP R-Series printer. With reduced labour costs, next-level quality and sustainable printing - Monster Print is having its cake and eating
it too. It's quicker output is leading to higher margins and a more exciting future for the possibilities of print. Over the next five years Monster Print is looking to expand its business, thanks to the HP R-Series printer, and do more custom and unique signage. It also is looking into delving into the world of packaging and rapid prototyping options for its clients.

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