Dang Sticker

Perfecting customer vehicle wraps with HP Latex 700W

Dang Sticker is a renowned Print Service Provider (PSP) based in Thailand, specializing in sticker art and offering custom vehicle-wrap services. Founded 35 years ago by Vichai Nuchpoom's father, the business has been handed down to the ‘next generation’ and is now under Vichai's dynamic leadership.

Dang Sticker was looking for healthy friendly printing solutions. Need that triggered following Vichai's server allergy development.

HP Latex 700W – the sustainable and productive upgrade

Dang Sticker’s installed HP Latex 700W last year. With its sustainable water-based inks, the printer eliminated the harmful fumes and ensured well-being of factory floor workers.

“The HP Latex 700W’s water-based inks helped improve the air quality of the factory floor with no harmful emissions anymore.”
– Vichai Nuchpoom, Owner, Dang Sticker

The HP Latex 700 W also enabled them to unlock new application by working on multiple substrates from PVC stickers to solid-colour stickers, carbon fibre of various textures, foils, and more.

Since getting the Latex 700W in-house, Dang Sticker saw a 2x increase in overall business revenue. The printer also helped them strengthen their factory-line division for vehicle wraps. As of today, Dang Sticker is the only company in Thailand that has the capability to deliver customised vehicle wraps against tight deadlines, on a large scale. In fact, the 700W helped them in completing an order from one of Japan’s biggest automobile manufacturers – wrapping 100 cars in vinyl within a month. Their (vehicle-wrap division) revenue also skyrocketed exponentially to “somewhere around tens of million Baht” after introducing a new factory-line offering.

High quality bus wrap delivers on tight deadline for Buriram United

Dang Sticker's success story reached new heights when they were given the task of branding the team bus for the Thailand’s Buriram United football club. 

The challenge:

  • Delivering the project in a week!
  • Maintaining uniformity and colour consistency

“The colour yield with HP Latex is unmatchable – with other printers, a different day’s print may yield a different shade altogether.”
– Vichai Nuchpoom, Owner, Dang Sticker

Thanks to the high-colour yield of HP Latex 700W, the designs came to life with vibrant colours. While White Ink made sure that the blue stood out from the gold, HP Latex’s instant-dry technology ensured that the prints were ready for application right away!

Looking ahead, the partnership between Dang Sticker and the HP Latex 700W looks even stronger. Using the printer's substrate flexibility, Dang Sticker plans to venture into new territories and secure high-value projects. 

“Since HP Latex is compatible with a wide variety of media—even non-PVC like Urethane and PET—we are excited to offer new ideas to our customers moving forward.”
– Vichai Nuchpoom, Owner, Dang Sticker

The HP Latex 700W played a major role in Dang Sticker’s journey from being a traditional print service provider to becoming a major PSP in Thailand. It not only addressed Dang Sticker’s challenges but also helped them achieve unprecedented growth.

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