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The art of photography demands a lot of hard work; both mental and physical. It is more than just capturing the perfect picture on film or memory card. Imagine that magnificent image rolling out of a HP DesignJet Z9+ large format printer, exactly the way you remember. Whether you are a professional photographer, an owner of a go-to print shop, or a collector of fine art prints, it will be impossible to resist the joy of a beautifully-crafted image coming to life. In 2017 alone, nearly 1.3 trillion photos were taken globally, and the market for large photo merchandising grew seven percent . This means a stronger demand for fuss-free and faster printing solutions but without any compromise in quality of the prints. Instead of looking at each aspect of printing in isolation, we reworked and integrated the hardware, software, and media; subjecting them through robust tests to come up with a range of printers which offers amazing print quality, speed and permanence. With a streamlined workflow, the new machines use fewer inks, saving you time while reducing your operating cost.

Discover the benefits of HP DesignJet Z-series

Deliver superior image quality prints with confidence
Produce high-quality images, achieving natural transitions and details with superior gloss uniformity.

Produce consistent and accurate colours across prints and printers
Deliver precise colour between print runs thanks to the embedded spectrophotometer.

Achieve the highest display permanence in the industry
Create long lasting prints by having the right combination of materials (ink & media) and HP DesignJet printer.

Efficient in production demand
Take advantage of HP cutting edge technologies to speed up your day-to-day work while printing and finishing processes.

Download the brochure and learn how you can deliver high image quality prints with confidence thanks to the HP DesignJet Z-series.

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