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HP Latex R-series Spotlight: Engineered for rigid media

Since introducing the HP Latex R-Printer series in 2018, numerous printing companies across the world have experienced its benefits. By partnering with companies that deliver a wide variety of print jobs, we have been able to define a product and develop a solution that meets their needs.

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We’ve broken down how the HP Latex R-series gives you the ultimate versatility to expand into new applications and take on even the most challenging projects. From retail, décor, outdoor signage, events and exhibitions to packaging or thermoforming, this is what they can do for your business:

HP Latex R1000

Expand your offering with white, we’ve removed the barriers1
Get more versatility in one device for high-value jobs
Manage your peaks in-house with smart printing
• Help avoid costly operating errors with an easy interface

HP Latex R2000 Plus

Drive sustained production with unprecedented quality and colors2
Absorb production peaks with high-speed quality and multi-board printing
Expand your offering with the glossiest, high-opacity white1
Help reduce running costs with 5-liter HP Latex Ink cartridges3

Unlock the full potential with HP Latex Inks

In order for print business owners to deliver high-quality, consistent products, we’ve redesigned HP Latex Inks to extend to rigid substrates while maintaining the proven HP Latex experience on flexible. Anti-scratch HP overcoat agents protect your print from everyday exposures with a modular design that can be fine-tuned for performance. And unique HP Latex optimizer technology separates and immobilizes the pigment colorants from the water-based ink vehicle for sharper text and image detail.

Our white ink lays smooth, even, and flat so it takes on the shape of the media. It reflects light directly and uniformly, for a high gloss consistency. UV-curable ink lays unevenly, hides media texture, and can reduce gloss and color. It is highly resistant to photochemical reactions and doesn’t contain photo initiators or optical brighteners, unlike UV-curable inks. And it achieves a very opaque, visually strong white by using exterior grade titanium dioxide pigments that are three times the size of the colored ink particles and twice the volume.

HP’s white ink solution has an innovative system that recirculates the white ink–both within the ink delivery system and at the printhead. Removable HP Thermal Inkjet printheads are stored in the offline rotating chamber, for no clogs and no waste between jobs.

Smart printer system

The HP Latex R-series features:

• Automatic printhead maintenance, nozzle checks, and compensations
• Automatic width and thickness measurements, multi-sheet printing, crash sensor
• Assisted loading of flexible substrates, with skew correction
• Mesh belts enhance the smart vacuum and prevent vacuum marks
• Lateral ridges automatically adjust media advance, preventing lateral movement
• Smart vacuum enables easy loading and adjusts pressure according to media type

Digital features help you deliver more

Using the HP Latex R-series gives you access to a suite of digital analytics and optimization tools. These provide significant operational advantages that help drive efficiencies to keep you ahead of demand.

You gain visibility across your connected HP printers, allowing you to monitor status, downtime, and ink and substrate consumption, from virtually anywhere at anytime, 4 with real-time data helping you make more informed decisions. You can eliminate repetitive, timeconsuming set-up procedures through automatic back-up and remote restoration of your printers’ substrate configurations, for more consistent reprints. And with more automation, fewer interventions are required, meaning manual errors are reduced and resource is freed up, making you more efficient and productive.

Ready for the next step?

Whether you have questions about specific print jobs, services or solutions, we’re here to help. Our experts are on hand to talk you through all the technical specs of our printers, including the HP Latex R-series, to help you make the right decision. Get in touch now.


1.- Glossiest white based on internal HP testing in January, 2018 compared to the HP Scitex FB750/FB550 Printer using UV-curable ink technology. White ink measured for the level of gloss at 60 degrees on a rigid material (acrylic). Tested using Glossmeter BYK micro-TRI-gloss (20°, 60°, 85°), compatible with ISO 2813 and ASTM D523 relative to glossiness measure. High opacity and resists yellowing over time based on internal HP WeatherOmeter testing October, 2017 with 1 dot-per-pixel HP Latex Overcoat, on a range of rigid and flexible unlaminated substrates. Yellowing based on L* and B* of white underflood samples. White ink capability may be optional, requiring purchase of the HP White Ink Option Kit.
2.- Most vibrant colors based on internal HP testing, January 2018 compared to leading competitive printers under $350,000 USD. Tested in High Quality print mode on rigid (white acrylic 12-pass, 6-color, 120%). Internal HP testing with HP GamutViewer, Alpha Shapes=50000.
3.- Compared to the HP Latex R1000 Printer series with 3-liter HP Latex Ink cartridges. For the HP Latex R2000 Printer series, all colors in 5-liter ink cartridges except white.
4.- The HP PrintOS Mobile Application is compatible with Android 4.0 or later and iPhone mobile digital devices running iOS 8 or later, and requires the printer and the smart phone to be connected to the Internet.

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