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Unveiling HP's Newest DesignJet Printer Series for Sustainable Printing Solutions

Sustainability is becoming a growing priority for businesses due to an increased desire for eco-conscious practices and a growing list of regulations related to businesses' environmental impact. Research shows that environmental impact will be the top business priority for businesses in the US and UK by 2025, with over 50% of companies aiming to be net zero by 2060. HP has long been an organisation that leads by example when creating sustainable printing solutions.

The development of the new DesignJet T850 and T950 printer series is our latest contribution to reducing our environmental footprint in the printing industry and helping our clients meet their sustainability goals. In this article, we'll explore the technology that enables these [new printers]( to offer improved print quality while reducing the ecological impact of printing practices.

Presenting the DesignJet T850 and T950 Printers

The HP DesignJet T850 and T950 printers are designed for ease and efficiency. Each model can boost productivity and maximise agility while promoting sustainable printing practices. With an array of eco-friendly features that range from energy and ink-efficient design to the use of recycled materials, these new printer series are laying the foundation for the sustainable printing solutions of the future.

Key Sustainability Features of the New DesignJet Printer Series

The HP T850 and T950 printers are equipped with innovative technologies that optimise ink and energy consumption and usage. AEC professionals minimise waste and reduce business costs when adopting these technologies. Some of the key sustainability features in the new DesignJet printer series include:

More Printer Energy Efficiency

Sustainable printing solutions directly address energy efficiency related to:

  • The impact of the ink or toner used to print
  • Cartridges
  • The energy required to run the printer

Energy use during inactivity and reduced printer efficiency can result in increased energy consumption during the printing process.

Auto-schedule capabilities in the HP DesignJet T850 and T950 series enable users to reduce energy usage during idle time by scheduling printer on/off usage. Also, auto-scheduling for ink maintenance routines addresses energy consumption related to lost printer efficiency that occurs without regular maintenance.

Eco-Conscious Materials

Investing in sustainable printing solutions is a vital step in decreasing the environmental footprint of your business. The DesignJet T850 and T950 series printers are made with at least 40% recycled plastics and recyclable supplies. The compact build of these printers and high-quality materials further reduce waste by extending the time to replacement. They also decrease the overall amount of non-recyclable waste.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Alongside the many energy-efficient features, the HP DesignJet T850 and T950 series printers are built with a variety of productivity-enhancing components that can help AEC professionals reduce their overall environmental impact in the printing process.

For instance, the T850 series uses HP Flex Tech Inks that allow users to achieve high-quality CAD and renders across print sizes for fewer reprints due to low quality. The T850 and T950 series printers enable users to manage the device and print from virtually anywhere with the use of the HP App. This capability reduces the need for excess travel related to printing requirements.

Reduced Ink Usage

The cost of printer ink is one of the most prohibitive costs of using and maintaining a large format printer. Reducing ink waste with sustainable printing inks can help AEC professionals cut costs and decrease their ecological footprint. Designed for easy printing with minimal distractions, the T850 DesignJet series printers feature 130/300-mL ink cartridges that require fewer ink interventions. Larger cartridge sizes also reduce raw materials used in the production of cartridges, cost of transport, and related waste.

The T850 and T950 series printers also allow users to automate ink maintenance routines. This option reduces printer inefficiencies that result in wasted ink due to repeat printings when errors occur.

Minimal Printing Waste

Minimising your business's printing requirements is the most effective way to save energy and reduce printing waste. HP's newest printers use several features to help reduce printing waste.

  • The T850 series uses HP Flex Tech inks for high-quality images that meet your needs with fewer reprints, reducing paper and ink waste.
  • T850 and T950 printers allow users to avoid reprinting with print previews.
  • Designed for productivity, the T950 series helps users avoid damage to finished prints with a stacker that holds up to 40 pages flat for easy collection.

Higher Cost Savings

The features of the HP DesignJet T850 and T950 series printers work together to help AEC professionals cut costs in many ways. From the features that reduce energy and ink waste to those that improve print quality, HP's new sustainable printing solutions help businesses reduce printing costs.

Efficiency and productivity features help businesses cut costs further by reducing manual tasks and saving time. For instance, T850 printers feature an integrated input tray that eliminates the need to change from roll to sheets manually. T950 printers use integrated input and output trays that keep pages sorted by size. It can seamlessly print all A3 jobs without interruptions.

What Makes HP's T850/T950 Series Sustainable?

Designed with energy conservation and reduced ink waste in mind, the T850 and T950 series have specific features that optimise sustainability.

Easier Ink Replacement and Maintenance

Sustainable printing inks reduce raw material usage, wasted ink, and general printing waste. From larger ink cartridge sizes that reduce ink interventions to automated ink maintenance routines, the T850 and T950 series improve ink efficiency with features that reduce quality issues and waste accrued from ink usage.

Optimised Usage That Saves Energy

Auto-scheduling for on/off usage is just one way the T850 and T950 series reduce energy use. Integrated input, high printing speeds, and the ability to print with fewer clicks contribute to printing efficiency. Ultimately, these printers reduce the time and energy required for printing.

Connectivity and Eco-Friendly Software Options Create Eco-Friendly Workflows

Printers designed for efficiency and high productivity help professionals develop naturally eco-friendly workflows that assist with sustainability efforts. These productivity-enhancing features help businesses reduce the environmental impact of the printing process.

Cloud Printing

The T850 and T950 printer series allow users to work securely and easily submit jobs from anywhere with protection from HP Wolf Pro Security. With the use of HP Click, AEC professionals can store data in the cloud and print from mobile devices, reducing hardware needs and creating more efficient workflows.

Mobile App Integration

When used with the HP App, AEC professionals can reduce travel between the office and the field. Manage your device and print from virtually anywhere with the use of a mobile or tablet.

Compatibility With Industry Standard Design Software

HP wide format printers and plotters are designed to be compatible with AEC industry-standard software. As a result, businesses can confidently print various forms on different paper sizes without time-consuming setup requirements.

Reach Out to HP Today to Enquire About the DesignJet T850 and T950 Printer Series

Growing concerns about the environmental impact of construction extend far beyond building practices. Printing remains a vital element of AEC design, making sustainable printing solutions crucial for effectively reducing your environmental footprint. Reach out to HP to learn more about how the DesignJet T850 and T950 series printers can help you meet your sustainability goals.

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