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How to Start a Print Shop Business

For designers and many others, print shops are a necessary resource. Some professionals may even dream of one day running their own print shop. With print shops being a staple across various industries and fields, the potential for success can be quite high. But as with any business, there are many facets to consider and plan for. Even though the process can seem intimidating, there are some basic fundamentals to getting started. Therefore, if you have wondered how to start a print shop, continue on. We’ll review and break down the steps from planning to action for how to open a printing shop.

What Is a Print Shop?

Put simply, a printing shop offers a varying list of services related to printing materials or printing on things. These shops cater to individuals or businesses, depending on the capabilities of the specific shop.

What Services Are Offered at a Print Shop?

While the needs of each geographic area may differ, print shops offer some common services.

Those services can include:

  • Printing paper advertisements, pamphlets, banners, or posters
  • Photocopying
  • Screen printing on garments or textiles
  • Printing business cards or other documents

How to Start a Print Shop Business

You may have been wondering, "What's the best strategy for how to start my own printing business?" A passion for printing and graphic design (and design generally) is a typical prerequisite.

Practically speaking, it is best to create a plan following actionable steps. The following considerations will assist with how to start a print shop.

1. Start With Market Research

While this step may make you elicit an audible groan, facts and figures are pivotal in laying the groundwork for a print shop.

Even for creative people who wish to jump directly into starting a business, market research helps plan for not only starting the business but also keeping it operating successfully.

Do not worry if you are unsure what market research is or how to conduct it. Here are the components that will help with how to open a printing shop.

Who Is Your Target Market?

As the term suggests, your desired patrons make up your target market.

This means considering if you wish to cater to individual everyday people, freelance designers, or companies. Further, for businesses, consider how large or small of an organisation you would like to serve.

Also, note things such as what level of experience or what industry or field you may want to target.

What Does Current Demand Look Like?

As anyone who has seen two of the same type of takeaway shops nearby—or no shops around at all—demand determines a business's viability.

How many printing shops are in the vicinity of your area or where you would like to open shop? If there are current print shops, can they keep pace with local demand?

The objective is to understand whether your print shop will be a welcome or repetitive addition.

What Is the Competitor Profile?

Look around at competing businesses in your area. Take note of what services they offer and their customer reviews.

Visit their shops and review their websites for insight into what equipment they use, what services perform, and how long they have been operating.

Are There Any Shortages in the Market?

Even if there is competition in your target geography, there may be potential gaps to take advantage of.

If there are other printing shops, then what services do they lack? If they offer a range of services, are there any that do not perform well?

2. Create Your Business Plan

Compiling a business plan is the best way to notate and organise all this data on how to start a print shop, as well as other key figures and information.

What Are Your Business Goals and Strategies?

With the help of market research, specify what you want your print shop to achieve. Then, include how you believe you should approach those goals.

What Printing Services Will You Offer?

The culmination of your dreams combined with your research should lead you to create a list of precisely what printing services you plan to offer.

Specify not only the types of services but what media you will work with.

**What Will Your Startup and Operating Costs Be?

After reviewing the necessary information on business requirements, add up the costs of starting your business.

Additionally, once the initial period ends, what amount of money will you need to pay for rental space, utility bills, employee salaries, equipment, and more?

What Printing Equipment Will You Need?

Depending on your desired services, determine what kind of printers or other technology and equipment you need.

You may realise that offering more niche services means you also need specialised equipment, such as a large format printer.

What Is Your Revenue and Expenses Forecast?

Think ahead to your first quarter or year of business operation. What money can you expect to make during that time period?

Additionally, how much money will you need to spend or have available?

How Will You Make Your Business Profitable?

Entrepreneurs focus on making their business ideas a reality. However, beyond being able to pay workers' salaries and cover the rent, what will you do to yield profit?

You may need to employ fewer workers initially or offer only in-demand services to generate revenue.

What Is Your Marketing Strategy?

A marketing strategy considers how you will reach desired customers so that they know about and value your business.

Possibilities may include:

  • Joining local business or industry organisations
  • Placing advertisements in news outlets
  • Placing paid ads on social media channels

3. Determine Your Funding and Sourcing Options

It is essential to know where the funding to begin your business will originate. Look at if you are able to crowdsource or set up a website where you can receive funding or donations to begin your business.

Create a Financial Budget

Just the same way many households may have a budget for meals and entertainment, your print shop also needs a financial budget.

What is the maximum amount of money you can spend on salaries, utilities, supplies like latex printers, marketing, or advertisements?

What Loans or Grants May You Be Eligible For?

Review possible area incentives for starting a business. There may be one-time or even annual grants that you can apply for to get your business up and running.

Apply at your bank to determine what business loans you can take and how much the amount is.

Can You Seek Out Investors?

Investors might be an option when determining how to start a print shop. Connect with investors that can fund part of your endeavour.
Investors could be prominent business people in your community, friends, or family members.

4. Understand Your Legal Requirements

The final but equally important step to answer the "how to start my own printing business" question is to research and outline legal requirements.

What License or Permission May You Need?

Depending on your geographic location, you will need to review what business licenses or permissions from the government are necessary to operate your print shop.

Find out if licenses or permissions are one-time or if they must be renewed monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Registering Your Business (Including Registering It for Taxes)

To be within the law, be sure to register your business with local courts or municipalities. A part of the process ensures that you satisfy and pay needed taxes.

Ensuring You Operate Under the Law

Understanding legal requirements helps ensure that you follow the laws of your area. This can include:

  • Limits on the number of hours employees can work
  • When you can hold business hours
  • If there are exclusions for what services you can offer

Protecting Your Assets

Once you have begun to conclude your research on how to start a print shop, consider how you will protect your assets.

Some considerations are employee contracts, copyrighting your business name, or applying for patents for specialised processes. Consult an advocate or lawyer for this step.

Reach Out to HP to Meet Your Large Format Printing Needs

After your business plan is set and you have an understanding of what is needed as part of how to start a print shop, reach out to us at HP. Consultants are available to assist you in each step of making your print shop a success.

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