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Best Large Format Printer For Architects

AEC in the Philippines is a prominent industry and architects often require several tools to help them achieve best results. Whichever stage of the project they are in, they will require large printouts such as blueprints, diagrams, renders, posters, project proposals, maps, designs, and other documentation. Having the right large format printer that can deliver high quality printouts is a key factor in helping architects achieve best results — even score new projects. Not sure where to start? We list five things to look for when it comes to finding the best large format printers in the Philippines for architects.

“We need a plotter that can help us reduce costs.”

Aside from the upfront cost of a large format printer, ink consumption makes up majority of the running costs associated with large format printing in the Philippines. Because of this, architects who require a lot of large format printouts are always looking for a plotter that can help lower these recurring costs.

Ink efficiency and ink wastage are also often overlooked in the hunt to get the best large format printer. It’s important to note that while some plotters may cost less upfront, inefficient ink consumption and ink wastage can rack up higher monthly recurring costs which means architectural firms might end up spending more in the long run.

The HP DesignJet T2600 Multifunction printer series is a great option if you’re looking for one of the most efficient plotters in the Philippines. This large format printer made it in Techradar’s list of best large format printers for 2021, where it was described as “premium plotting at a fair price” and being ideal for use in an architectural firm thanks to its integrated stand and compact size.

Like all HP DesignJet printers, the T2600 series uses ink spraying instead of the usual ink purging method, allowing for less ink wastage during nozzle cleaning. It also consumes less ink than other large format printer models which means one cartridge can go a long way before it needs to be replaced. This multifunction printer is also more than capable of printing maps, technical drawings, posters and renders with precise, accurate and crisp lines.

“We don’t have much space for a bulky large format printer.”

The plotter’s size and design can be a concern if you can’t afford to have a dedicated room for machinery and equipment, especially if you’re an architectural firm that needs to have great visual impact to capture your clients’ attention. Wouldn’t it be great to have a large format printer that strikes a good balance between being aesthetically pleasing and highly functional? That’s when you need to be on the market for the best A1/A0 printer for architects that can deliver both.

If you’re looking for the best large format printer for architects who want to take a design approach to their equipment, opt for plotters that have great visual impact like the sleek and visually stunning HP DesignJet Studio or a desktop printer like the HP DesignJet T200 printer series that won’t ruin your company’s interior design aesthetic. Designboom called the HP DesignJet Studio “furniture that prints” and a plotter that creates a new printing experience for architects and other creatives by delivering a seamless, end-to-end journey, making it a great addition to the creative process.

“Our large format printer is constantly churning out pages, we can’t afford to have downtime.”

When working in a fast-paced environment such as an architectural firm, printer downtime is more than just time wasted waiting for your printer to start up. It includes situations where you’ve run out of ink and toner, printhead maintenance, slow printing, faulty printers, paper jams and even connectivity issues.

If you are after print speed and also can’t afford downtime, one of the best large format printers for architects to consider is a plotter designed to be low maintenance like the HP DesignJet T250. Like all HP DesignJet printers, its printheads are designed to be replaceable without specialist support. For a compact desktop printer, it’s one of the best printers for architectural drawings as the T250 has up to 31 per cent more line accuracy and up to 65 per cent more gamut and offers high-speed printing which comes in especially useful if there are many employees sharing one plotter printer.

“We need a large format printer that can keep up with the latest technology and work processes.”

These days, everyone is on the go and sometimes you need a large format printer that can support your work processes anytime, anywhere. Architects may even need to work out of office and on-site depending on which stage of the project they’re in. Thus, large format printer services in the Philippines will also need to be easily integrated with other work processes and functions.

The HP T2600 series has got your back with technology advancements that give you full control over your printouts with these features, making it one of the best A0 printers for architects:

Embedded Web Server

With the HP Embedded Web Server, it allows you to view the printer status information and change the settings if needed. Have more than one printer? Not a problem — you can even manage a limited number of printers from your computer.

HP Click

The HP Click printing software lets you print with just one click, and with a variety of applications, you can print anything from posters, roll-up banners, CAD documents, maps, and even infographic presentations. Optimise media usage and cost with features like automatic nesting, manual rotation, manual alignment and reorder pages, and enjoy real-print preview, driverless and multi-page and multi-file PDF printing.

HP Smart

Have the freedom to work smarter and faster with the **HP Smart **app, an easy way to print, scan, and share with your smartphone or tablet. Monitor all your printers connected, while easily accessing and printing your documents and images anytime, anywhere.

Security Print

Printer security is crucial as it protects sensitive data. A secure boot process is embedded in many HP DesignJet printers and is a key component of printer security. If a validation failure occurs, it triggers a restart, and a saved “golden copy” of the BIOS is loaded. HP plotter printers ensure that only those with the proper credentials can access the printer and its confidential documents through secure user authentication controls. It’s one of the best large format printers for architects as you can be confident that your information remains safe.

“We need a large format printer than can deliver consistent high quality print outs.”

Architectural prints, engineering plans, or technical drawings usually require printers that can deliver the following functions: precision in line weights, clarity in colour distinctions, texture retention, text legibility, and character acutance.

The HP T Series printers are great options when looking for the best large format printers for architects. It’s listed in the Wide Format Company’s top five CAD printers for architects as a printer that offers a “radically simple experience” for users. The models in this printer series delivers high productivity suitable for medium to large workgroups, with bright and precise colours (even on plain paper!). It can also reproduce transparencies, layers, colour palettes, and gradients with embedded Adobe PDF Print Engine.

There is a HP large format printer in the Philippines for every need and the best for one company may not be the best for another. When it comes to looking for the best large format printers for architects in the Philippines, it’s more important to find out what you need before looking for a printer that can support your company functions and give you high quality output.

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