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Architecture Business Ideas: 10 Tips for Building Your Company

Running a thriving small architecture or engineering business is no small feat, but you can get there if you follow these ten architecture and engineering business ideas. The most important things are to:

  • Prepare yourself for the work you need to do
  • Be aware of the marketplace
  • Target the right kinds of leads
  • Have the resources to capitalise on those leads

A small business is hard work, but with a bit of perseverance and a lot of work ethic, you can do it. Soon, you'll have so many architecture or engineering business ideas to create a business you’ll be proud of—one that will elevate your career potential, improve your business development in architecture and bring you a higher quality of life.

Ten Small Architectural or Engineering Business Ideas and Tips

Architectural engineering is an integral part of the construction industry. Construction professionals can't do their job without a professional service to design the buildings and structures they'll be working on. If you have built up enough work experience and want to start your own architectural engineering firm, the ten tips and top-tier engineering business ideas below will help you do so successfully. We've broken them down into categories of architecture business ideas for easier skimming.

What Are Some Insider Tips for Jump-Starting an Architecture Firm?

An architecture firm can design anything from high-rise buildings to treehouse resorts. But before you can do either of those, you need to get your business started. Too often, hopeful entrepreneurs jump into business without a thorough plan. Learn how to get started correctly with our first two tips.

1. Be prepared before you launch your business.

When starting any business, there are legal requirements to consider. Check your local laws to ensure you have the proper business licenses and understand relevant labour laws before you start hiring employees and reaching out to prospective clients. Additionally, architectural firms may have additional requirements. Before you launch, ensure you have the appropriate certifications, insurance, and other required documentation.

2. Understand how much your business architecture ideas will cost ahead of time.

Effective business development in architecture for any business ideas takes money. Before starting any business, you should do a thorough analysis of what it will cost you. This includes costs to fulfil the requirements listed above, rent space, hire employees, purchase architectural software, and anything else related to your business. Jumping in headfirst can leave you underwater before you ever have a chance to succeed. If you need funding to start your business, craft a compelling pitch for investors.

Are You Working Solo, or Are You Paying Staff?

A big part of determining costs is deciding whether you'll be a one-person operation or if you'll be hiring a team to help you out. The two tips below will help you get this sorted:

3. Start with the appropriate staff.

Many architects can become a success as their company's sole employee. Others might not have the skill set or time to effectively handle all the tasks required to run a business. The first step is to decide which workers you'll need to hire. Include things like someone to answer the phone or do business accounting tasks. Will you hire your own hourly employees or use independent contractors?

4. Create a competitive compensation plan.

While you may be able to get away with minimum wage and minimal benefits for some employees, skilled workers will require more from you. To get the level of skill and business development in architecture that you need to be successful, be sure to offer a competitive salary and benefits package with insurance and a pension plan. Also, be sure to take factors such as workers' compensation and overtime pay requirements into consideration when deciding what you can afford.

Where Do Architects Find Clients?

With the business started and the employees hired, it's time to start finding clients. This set of tips will get you started.

5. Generate leads.

For an architectural firm, websites are an essential first step to finding customers and sharing your architecture business ideas. Websites give you far better flexibility in generating and nurturing leads than any other web presence. Treat your website as your sales channel, and use social media primarily for networking. Other architects can be a great source of referrals, and social media is a great place to network with them. Also, happy customers may offer referrals if you keep your business fresh in their minds.

6. Use Google tools.

It's free to set up a Google My Business page. Doing so will show your business whenever someone local searches for architectural services. Google Ads and social media ads can also be a great way to drive prospective clients to your website and into your sales funnel. Decide who your ideal customer is, and create ad copy and targeting that will reach that demographic.

How Do You Pitch an Architectural Project?

Once you have clients expressing interest in your services, it's time to create a winning pitch that will secure you the job and impress a client.

7. Know the pitch type.

As an architect, you'll be making several types of architectural pitches. An elevator pitch should be short and to the point. It's meant to secure the prospective client, not to give them every detail.

With the client secured, you'll want to go into greater detail during the next conversation. Also, keep the target audience in mind. Pitching to your coworkers can involve technical terms, but pitching to clients should include only terms a layperson would understand.

8. Put on a performance.

When you pitch a project, you're putting on a performance that puts your architecture business ideas in the spotlight. You should have your lines outlined and rehearsed before you go into the pitch meeting.

Although you don't need to stick strictly to a script, you should know the general points you want to hit and do so in a logical manner. You must also play the part of an upbeat and friendly person, even when you may be feeling down and not very energetic. You must always present as the type of person someone else wants to do business with.

How Can You Grow Your Architecture Business?

Now that you've worked with a few clients and are sure everything is going smoothly with your business, you can ramp up your business development in architecture efforts to bring in even more customers.

9. Enhance your sales funnel.

We've discussed the importance of a website and how to use ads to bring people in. But ads cost money. You can avoid the need for ads by ensuring your website's copy makes full use of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

This will help your site rank more highly in search engines and bring in organic traffic without needing to pay for ads. On your website, craft compelling marketing copy with a call to action that gets the prospective client into your sales funnel. Be sure to include testimonials from previous clients for social proof of your capabilities.

10. Make effective use of technology.

Architects have more ways than ever to showcase their work. On your website, you should include videos of the completed projects that you've designed. For projects that aren't completed yet, but are impressive enough to bring in customers, you can use software technology to create a virtual mockup of the design that potential customers can virtually walk through.

What Makes an Architect Successful?

Successful architects will know how to promote themselves and their architecture business ideas; similarly, engineers will also need to be able to promote their engineering business ideas. This means creating a website with effective ad copy, learning to use social media for networking with other architects and industry personnel, and presenting as professionally as possible at all times. If you follow the tips above and work hard at creating great architectural projects, you can improve your business development in architecture and make your business more profitable and earn yourself a comfortable living.

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