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Boosting profits through ‘on-demand’ short-runs with HP Latex 700W

32 Multiprint Co. Ltd., a leading print shop in Thailand, embraced HP Latex technology to achieve faster turnaround time and deliver short-run based labels and stickers with precision.

The print house started out a decade ago, when a group of friends from Chulalongkorn University established 32 Multiprint Co. Ltd. Right at the beginning, they wanted to target as many customers as they could. As a result, they printed everything from brochures and pamphlets to labels and stickers.

Before the pandemic, 32 Multiprint mostly handled bulk projects. But due to COVID-19, market demand for large-volume orders started decreasing. Faced with the challenge of a major revenue stream declining, they needed to adapt. 32 Multiprint shifted focus on the short-run, ‘on-demand’ market which required a very quick turnaround. For that, they needed a digital printer that was fast, efficient, and produced high-quality prints.

Boosting profits through ‘on-demand’ short-runs with HP Latex 700W

HP Latex 700 W gave 32 Multiprint the business advantage it needed, helping them achieve high-quality short-run projects. They were able to take on small projects that required around 3,000/4,000 customised labels/sticker designs on mostly white/silver PVC material.

“HP Latex 700W’s print quality was superior - it delivered non-glossy, matt-coloured prints that were also odourless. This was not something that we were able to achieve with UV or eco-solvent ink-based printers before”

– Mr. Phiroon, Owner, 32 Multiprint

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Gaining competitive edge with faster turnaround and a sustainable print solution

The HP Latex 700W became a game-changer for 32 Multiprint, bringing speed, quality, precision, and sustainability to their operations. The printing process was more eco-friendly and much faster because of significantly reduced turnaround time - without any compromise on the print quality.

32 Multiprint found a competitive edge with HP Latex 700W, offering them many benefits:

  • Same day delivery for most orders due to instant-dry prints (no need for lamination!)

  • Achieving the whitest white and ensuring minimal time switching between white and colour jobs (innovative automatic ink circulating system)

  • Delivering odourless and eco-friendly prints (water-based, non-toxic HP Latex inks)

Winning more customers and new jobs with HP Latex 700W

The HP Latex 700W printer became a driving force for 32 Multiprint - boosting business growth by attracting new customers. It set them apart in the market, earning them jobs from well-known FMCG companies in Thailand.

• Using HP Latex 700W's White Ink to created highly detailed and intricate product mock-ups for a leading FMCG company
• Producing 500-1,000 high-quality labels with quick turnaround for a pharmaceutical client, making them a repeat customer

• Delivering sticker-labels for an herbal spa and massage brand, increasing their brand visibility because of HP Latex’s exceptional colour quality

Expanding the business and exploring new opportunities with HP Latex 700W

The increasing market demand for high-quality labels brings a great opportunity for 32 Multiprint. They plan on expanding their 'on-demand' offerings by the end of 2023 with the help of the HP Latex 700W printer.

Discover the complete story behind 32 Multiprint's success with HP Latex. Don't miss out on their inspiring journey.

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