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5 Factors to Consider When Buying an Inkjet Plotter

With its exceptional precision and accuracy, an inkjet plotter is an essential tool for many industry professionals. Whether they're being used in the AEC industry or for marketing and graphic design purposes, the latest options allow businesses of any size to access powerful, professional tools.

But with the many options on the market, finding the right solution can be a challenge. Understanding inkjet plotter features and the total cost of ownership will help you make an informed purchase decision. In this article, we'll explore the five top factors involved in selecting an inkjet plotter. When the time is right to buy your own model, you'll be able to shop with confidence.

Understanding the Inkjet Plotter Printer Difference

Inkjet plotters are a unique category of printing technology developed to create highly detailed prints. While a standard inkjet printer works by depositing small dots of ink onto paper, this process creates lines that aren't very precise or continuous.

Plotter printers, on the other hand, create highly precise lines, marking the paper without lifting off the page. They're designed to print over large areas, which is ideal for creating large-format images. Engineering, architecture, and GIS professionals all require this technology to create precise maps and technical drawings.

  1. Identifying How Much Detail and Resolution Matter

For any type of printing, image quality and resolution are important. However, in industries like construction or graphic design, these factors can mean the difference between a successful project and a failure.

Whether you're looking for the best inkjet plotter for small business needs or a more robust workload, one of the first factors to consider is resolution capabilities.

How Ink Influences Output Quality

Ink plays a large role in print quality. While plotter printers can create precise lines, it's the ink that determines how vivid and impactful those lines are. Quality inks will offer durability, print permanence, and smudge resistance. With products like HP Flex Tech Inks, you can even distinguish fine details, such as shades of grey from black.

  1. Account for Your Print-Per-Minute (PPM) Requirements

Anticipating your print-per-minute needs is a factor that should not be overlooked. A printer's PPM rating communicates how many pages it can complete per minute. Inkjet plotters with higher PPMs will allow you to increase your operational efficiency, meet tight deadlines, and easily make last-minute design changes.

Meeting Your High-Volume Printing Needs

Higher PPM plotters are necessary when your work involves large quantities of printed documents. With HP technology, even compact options can complete a printout in as little as 30 seconds, delivering 76 A1 prints per hour.

PPM on Time-Sensitive Projects

High PPM plotters are really valuable for projects where time is critical. Engineering and construction work is often organized according to tight timelines. Last-minute changes must be made efficiently to prevent delays. The right inkjet plotter will keep your work on schedule.

Speed and Accuracy with Inkjet Plotters

Completing print jobs quickly is one thing, but the quality and accuracy of the prints are equally important. With leading technology, you'll never have to choose between image quality and speed.

  1. Do You Need a Printer With Connectivity Options?

If your work involves a smartphone or tablet in addition to your office computer, you may need a plotter that can accommodate multiple devices. HP inkjet plotters come with a suite of intuitive tools designed to streamline your workflow.

Connecting Your Workflows With Inkjet Plotters

With HP workflow solutions, you can simplify your printing process. Print with one click using convenient software and HP DesignJet Universal Print Drivers. You can even create prints from your phone with mobile printing technology, so you can effortlessly scan, share, and print anything from your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Deducing the Total Cost of Ownership

Creating a budget for the purchase of your plotter is an important step, particularly for small businesses. By planning for routine maintenance and following a few key care tips, you can ensure your inkjet plotter delivers a long service life.

How to Keep a Durable Lifespan for Your Inkjet Plotter

Conducting regular health checks of your plotter is important for preventing unplanned downtime. You can ensure maximum durability by regularly cleaning your plotter and keeping firmware updated.

Maintenance Tips for Your Inkjet Plotter

HP offers full preventive maintenance services for inkjet plotters. Simply contact our team, and a technician will perform a full on-site inspection and cleaning of your equipment. Regular inspections are the best way to keep your plotter functioning at its best.

  1. Consider the Lifetime Add-On Costs

There are several costs associated with inkjet plotters. From replacing inks and printheads to other expenses, it's important to be aware of these add-ons and factor them into your operating budget.

Cost of Ink Toners

Ink and toner are ongoing costs for any type of printer. However, options like high-capacity cartridges and multipacks are economical solutions for high-volume printing.

Cost of Printheads

Printheads require replacement over time. However, by ensuring you use the correct ink for your plotter, you can extend the lifespan of your printhead.

Cost of Cleaning Kits

Plotters require regular cleaning to maintain crisp print quality. Investing in cleaning kits can extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Calculating Long-Term Expenses

The cost of a plotter printer is just one expense to consider. Calculating the lifetime cost of running and maintaining your device is also important. Printing and ink consumption costs, printhead cleaning and replacement, and other maintenance costs should all be factored into your assessment.

Making a Purchase After Assessing Your Specific Needs and Budget Constraints

Create a feasible yearly budget that you can devote to your printing needs. Then, consider the quality and quantity of printed media your business requires. With the diverse plotter printer options available, you're sure to find something that meets all of your requirements.

Reach Out to HP With Your Large-Format Printing Needs

Inkjet plotter printers are a valuable solution for creating wide-format, accurate designs. With HP DesignJet technology, you can harness the power of industry-leading large-format printing. To learn more, explore our plotter printers or contact a specialist.

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