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Protect Future Builds From Existing Threats

What kind of society will emerge as architects, engineers, and contractors redesign and rebuild the world? As employers and employees leave the office and build home workspaces, businesses needsafe solutions to today’s developing threats.

Security has always been a business imperative because criminals, and others seeking to gain access to your secrets, have always been a danger for any business trying to make a significant difference in the world and to the world.

Today, security is a more complex issue as every business is connected via the internet. This means every business is at some level exposed to outside influence, which could be in the form of ransomware, other malware, or even theft.

Your prized business possessions remain your intellectual property, which define your business and its standing in the market.
Risking this is to expose more than just embarrassment but also your reputation and that of your business, by potentially subjecting partners and stakeholders to risk.

Costs to repair the damage from a cyberattack increase year-on-year, but the risks to your business’s reputation is not so easy to put a figure on, so it is not a cost worth conceding.
Over the past two years, remote working has prompted a large increase in the volume and variety of malware attacks, as criminals and
others trying to gain access to your secrets attempt to exploit weaker security at home.

Their goal is to infiltrate your business and steal your personal information or hold them to ransom.
In July 2020, anti-virus company Darktrace found that as the lockdown spread across the UK, attacks targeting homeworkers increased from 12% of total malicious emails to 60% in a matter of weeks. This pattern was repeated worldwide.

Criminals have long been looking for weak points of attack and office arrangements tend to have these covered. Such precautions may not be taken in a less secure home system.

To give your clients and stakeholders the trust they deserve, you need to keep your work secure and safe from attack. With safe and secure plotters, HP prevents attacks and intrusions by protecting potential security blind-spots with the highest possible security features available.

This is important because while the security of desktops and laptops is always front of mind, the security of other endpoints, including printers, is often overlooked. HP offers printing experiences and a digital ecosystem of tools that can help you securely manage all your devices, data, and processes.

In July 2020, attacks targeting homeworkers increased from 12% of total malicious emails to 60%i

All architects, engineers, and contractors are instrumental in redesigning and rebuilding the schools, hospitals, homes, offices, and public spaces we need for a more sustainable and equitable world.

HP DesignJet plotters are an essential part of this journey, designed for quality, so you can design, print, make changes, and upload those changes easily.


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