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Meet House of VLAdiLA

House of VLAdiLA is the result of a long-lasting love affair with the wild and wonderful beauty of the world, the sacredness of being human and the way they are irrevocably bound together by art. As homes exceed their innate purpose and turn into means of expression, VLAdiLA became a polymath brand, a community of artists and creatives that cultivates interiority and glam intimacy through designer pieces of home decor.

Sustainability in design is becoming an increasingly important topic and we feel that designers have a critical role to play in creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. One of the key principles of sustainable design is to minimize the negative impact on the environment. House of VLAdiLA achieves this by reducing waste, producing on demand and using technologies that are non-toxic and recyclable.

HP Latex Technology and DYE-SUB help House of VLAdiLA meet their sustainability goals while delivering beautifully crisp graphics and vivid colors for our lively designs. House of VLAdiLA uses exclusively water-based inks and adhesives that are UV resistant, odorless and non-toxic.

Besides their renowned professionalism as a leader in their field, we chose to work with HP as we felt that their approach towards sustainability helps us align our business with the growing sustainability trends, which means that we can offer our clients high quality, eco-friendly wallpaper.
Another aspect is the quality of their products and services. The HP printers we own help us deliver beautifully crisp graphics and vivid colors, with high color and print stability, as well as switch between the 3 textures we work with.
Last but not least, a very important aspect for us is their professional technical support, which has always been eager to answer our questions and provide help, when needed.

– Dragos Vladila, Co-Founder House of VLAdiLA

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