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Keeping up with a fast-moving retail market in vinyl graphics printing

With the continued rise of e-commerce, 1 retail spaces are becoming less transactional and more experiential. Today it’s about space, light, mood, color therapy, and user experience. Signage, die-cut stickers, window and floor graphics, décor, and even vehicle wraps, are required to wow shoppers.

With this in mind, print businesses can help retail customers push their creativity, enabled by the versatility of modern vinyl printers, such as the HP Latex series.

Of course, the most important thing in retail is impact. Your work must stand out to drive footfall in the first place. Shop windows are great ‘canvases’ for showcasing vibrant, creative, and enticing designs. They create space to communicate information to customers, such as promotions. Also, printed window graphics provide privacy for shoppers in store and help create a highly-customized space.

Considering window graphics, white ink is not just an additional color, but using it also creates impact in other ways. By creating opacity, you can print a layer of white underneath the color—underflooding—to make the color "pop". Also, if you are printing on a backlit, the opacity provided by the white ink can make the light effect more diffused.

So it’s of huge advantage that today, white ink is no longer a limitation. HP Latex White Ink is a high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time and it is easy to maintain.

HP Latex White Ink enables multiple types of window graphics using spot mode, underflood, overflood, and the ability to sandwich three or five layers for dual-sided signage. HP Latex gives you the tools to print on a wide range of substrates2, and you’ll also achieve better quality color rendering on translucent and transparent supports.

As retail customers choose the print providers that can reliably deliver the most creative executions, it’s time to start considering which technologies will help you grow and thrive in the future.

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