The 111th Group

HP DesignJet Z series Printer

The 111th Group has provided the finest aerial photography since 1994.

Specializing in construction progress photography, commercial real estate photography, mapping, aerial surveys, GIS, and more. Where possible, 111th wants to control the entire
workflow – from flights to cameras to printed output. “It’s the reason we invested in the HP DesignJet Z6 PostScript® Printer,” says Julie.

HP Z6 accurately reproduces colors I don´t have to keep tweaking it waiting for the perfect image, Z6 gets it right the first time every time.

- Julie Belanger, Founder and vice president

HP DesignJetのすべてを体感 HP 東京グラフィックス エクスペリエンス センター


当デモルームは2022年春、東京都大田区平和島に「 HP 東京グラフィックス エクスペリエンス センター」としてリニューアル移転いたしました。





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