Parallax Digital Studios

HP Stitch Printer

Leading large-format print provider Parallax Digital Studios has invested in the first superwide HP Stitch S1000 dye sub production printer for textiles in the U.S.

The investment will expand Parallax’s capacity to include soft signage and décor items, allowing the firm to deliver high-quality color and quality across its HP large-format portfolio with higher productivity and substrate flexibility. Parallax’s Stitch printer will join its recentlyacquired HP Latex R2000 Printer for rigid and flexible substrates and existing HP Latex 3500 and Latex 360.

Parallax Digital continues to grow its HP largeformat portfolio, taking advantage of HP innovation to expand applications and boost productivity.

– David Clevenger, President

HP DesignJetのすべてを体感 HP 東京グラフィックス エクスペリエンス センター


当デモルームは2022年春、東京都大田区平和島に「 HP 東京グラフィックス エクスペリエンス センター」としてリニューアル移転いたしました。





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