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Dominating the Indian cosmetics print packaging market powered by HP Latex 700 W - the future of digital printing technology

HP 700 W helped Viraj Prints diversify its customer base by serving new clients with innovative applications- high-impact product packaging, POS displays, and much more

Provide state-of-the-art signage and point-of-sale solutions to the country’s leading cosmetic brands

Leveraging HP Latex Large Format printing technology to produce captivating and impactful packaging, displays, boxes, and event décor amongst a host of other offerings

Business outcome
• Becoming the preferred print partner for some of the most admired global cosmetics brands in India
• Recipient of awards and recognition as a leading print innovator

The story behind the Success

Serving high-quality signage and packaging solutions on time and in a cost-effective manner helped create market supremacy for Viraj Prints

“What gunpowder did for the war, printing does for the mind” – in a world where all forms of media channels are scrambling for attention, capturing the audience’s interest in innovative ways is only possible when you’re equipped to win big.

Forty-one years ago, their father, Asvin Shah incorporated Viraj Prints as a letterpress shop in 1982. Back then most of the clients were from financial institutions. Soon, Viraj Prints evolved from offset printing only to include specialized rigid board packaging and point-of-purchase materials such as floor-standing units (FSUs), countertops, and display units. Today, apart from leading cosmetics brands, a lot of print solutions are also provided for the Film & entertainment industry, FMCG, etc.

The dynamic duo demanded an equally dynamic print partner

As Saurin and Viral Shah took over the reins as second-generation owners, they aspired to break new ground with print possibilities, becoming the go-to print innovator in India for any brand looking to create visually stunning packaging and signage solutions.

However, their main limitation was not being able to branch out into more applications and media while also lagging in the time it took to turn around the customer demand.

The HP Latex 700 W stepped in to help diversify and expand from traditional applications to printing for film promotions, FMCG, the liquor industry, and cosmetics to even innovate in specialized packaging for CDs, and Blu-ray discs and put Viraj Prints on the runway to expansion.

The current business offerings are spread across 5 key areas of display, merchandising, packaging, designing, and printing. Billboards, POS material, specialized packaging, and commercial printing still feature as some of the core offerings for Viraj Prints.

The growth story

The HP Latex 700 W’s mandate was clear from day one – to gain an edge over the competition riding on the water-based ink technology that helped them be more sustainable in printing. Achieving a remarkably opaque, supreme white that doesn’t fade over years of use is a technology unique to HP. The white ink is layered smoothly and evenly so it takes on the shape of the media, accentuating its personality. It reflects light uniformly for a high gloss consistency which helps preserve the media texture on materials such as aluminum or wallpaper. This was a game-changer.

Latex technology helped Viraj Prints broaden its applications. Now they could take on high-value jobs using metalized substrates, foil printing for standees, end cap printing for modern retail, POS banners, and placards – especially interior applications across plain and matte finish became a strong addition to their print arsenal.

“The color yield with HP Latex is unmatchable – with other printers, a different day’s print may yield a different shade altogether.”

– Saurin Shah

Their revenue has skyrocketed multifold owing to the product innovation they offer in the quickest turnaround time possible. Their clients count on them for quick and precise execution and delivering on this promise has helped them become a vendor of choice.

How HP Latex 700 W fast-tracked Viraj Prints’ growth in a demanding segment

Creativity powered by Latex Technology

Top global cosmetics brands count on Viraj Prints to make an alluring impression on prospective cosmetics consumers.

“Since HP Latex is compatible with a wide variety of media, we are excited to offer new ideas to our customers. We often call ourselves a ‘thinking’ team and this ‘doing’ capability is critical to bringing our ideas to life.”

– Saurin Shah

This is how the HP Latex 700 W bolstered their customer offerings:
• They could deliver outstanding prints within hours compared previously to days.
• There was a noticeable upgrade in the prints’ color vibrancy and consistency.
• HP White Ink's flexibility and precision led to even color distribution and design accuracy, without any distortion.
• It enabled them to work on multiple substrates opening a world of ideas and possibilities.

Vivid colors and endless possibilities

Innovating with sustainability in mind

Quick-dry application

Viraj Prints pushes the boundaries of possibilities for the Indian cosmetics print packaging market

Be it substrates, or media versatility, the HP Latex 700 W helped them offer endless solutions to clients always on the lookout for new ways to engage and retain customers.

3D lenticular printing is a major field for Viraj Prints, which the company recommends for enhancing the beauty and effect of advertisements, interiors, and photographs since lenticular printing brings pictures closest to the look of the original objects, making them more attractive and visually appealing in terms of color, sharpness, and depth. The company can also offer specialized printing on non-absorbent materials as well as advanced structural packaging and 3D lenticular printing.

Going green! Innovating without harming the environment

Given their vast repertoire of offerings and innovations, going green with HP Latex was a decision that has an immense impact.

Case in point: creating a parasite display - a Point of Sale marketing collateral (POSM) placed in Supermarkets and Convenience stores. This particularly innovative parasite display made use of solar panels to use indoor light as the source of electricity which made it fully self-sustainable. While most parasite displays are made with plastic materials, this one was crafted using paper boards that also helped increase the durability of the display while ensuring it is environmentally friendly helping them leave behind the competition to bring home the ‘Go Green’ award.

Here are some of the key differentiators that made the HP Latex 700 W stand out from the competition:
• Environmental certifications such as ENERGY STAR® and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.
• The only technology in the large format signage market to have the UL GREENGUARD GOLD certified inks along with being EPEAT-registered, ensuring it is safe to use.
• Water-based, eco-conscious inks helped Viraj Prints get an environmental edge thanks to their outstanding health and safety performance with no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).
• Original HP ink cartridges are UL ECOLOGO® certified to meet stringent standards in health and environment, manufacturing and operations, materials, energy, and more
• HP cartridges are carton based, using 100% recycled cardboard. Meanwhile, HP printers and supplies contain UL-validated ocean-bound plastic and recycled plastics that help make plastic use, sustainable.

Breaking new ground with the HP Latex: Viraj Prints and their plans for the future

Viraj Prints prides itself in experimenting with emerging substrates, trying out new media applications, and getting hands-on with exploring the capabilities of present-day technology helps them stay ahead of the competition. A key part of this enablement is also keeping track of ROI from technology and this feasibility helps Viraj Prints offer solutions that are practical both to them as well as their clients.

The HP Latex 700 W has earned its rightful place at Viraj Prints as a capable printer and a dependable print partner that brings alive their imagination to the real world. It has enabled them to diversify from being a traditional printer to expanding into modern applications.

Today, they are known for their reliability, professionalism, and creativity, making them one of India’s most progressive, respected, and diverse print manufacturers.

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