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Infographic concept: building a strong foundation through strategy and technology

3 challenges for IT decision-makers

Business priorities shifted dramatically in 2020. Remote working, digitization and sustainability all grew in importance, requiring Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journeys. This is significant because AEC professionals need the tools to redesign and rebuild our built environment for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

IT decision makers continue to be in a position where they can lead their businesses forward, by laying the right foundations with the right technology and strategy in place.

Module 1

Remote Working

[Stat 1] 88% of organizations either encouraged or required employees to work from home due to COVID-19 in 2020

[Stat 2] 80% of full-time workers expect to work from home at least three times a week post-pandemic

How to get ahead
Strategy: IT leaders should aim to support home working autonomy, teamwork and collaboration, enhance productivity, and facilitate high-quality output.

Technology: Invest in professional-grade workstations, monitors, printing and scanning equipment, and software that enables AEC professionals to collaborate, be productive and excel in their work.

Module 2


[Stat 3] 10.4% growth in global spending on Digital Transformation technologies and services in 2020 to $1.3tn

[Stat 4] 18% increase in worldwide spending on public cloud services forecast in 2021

How to get ahead
Strategy: Fast-track digitization projects to give businesses the speed, agility and flexibility needed to empower end users. Automate tasks to free up resources and complete tasks more efficiently. Digitization should remove roadblocks for AEC professionals so they can concentrate on what's important for them, their projects and their ideas.

Technology: Invest in cloud, mobile creativity and collaboration platforms, productivity and design apps, automation, end-point security, data analytics and emerging technologies such as AI, VR, and 3D print.

The AEC industry is redefining its priorities and elevating remote working, digitization and sustainability.

Strategic IT leaders can get ahead of competitors by building the right foundations through the solutions they procure and operate for their professional teams. As a result, they can help to improve their business’s efficiency, productivity and competitiveness now and into the future. HP large format print plays an essential role in developing a built environment fit for the challenges of today.

Let’s create a better world, together.

Module 3

[Stat 5] 78% of businesses have adopted or plan to adopt circular economy frameworks to lower their carbon footprint

[Stat 6] 49% of global consumers would pay more for products made in an environmentally-friendly way

How to get ahead
Strategy: Ensure your technology solutions help to meet the organization’s sustainability objectives, win new clients and retain staff.

Technology: Procure technology solutions that embed sustainability and circular economy principles such as recycling, reuse, sustainability and carbon reduction.

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