HP PageWide XL Printers

Higher margins from increased productivity

Coptos grows 20 percent with the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer.

“Over the last four years, black and white CAD print prices in the reprographics market have fallen by nearly 30 percent, and although color volumes are growing, color prices have fallen by about 40 percent. Exploiting growth in color challenged our setup and workflow “explains Denis Altuna, owner of Coptos. The printing solution which was in place before the PageWide XL 8000 was complex and labor intensive. At the beginning of the workflow, pages had to be sorted into monochrome and color. Monochrome pages were printed on one printer, color pages on another. Back then the folding process was also very timeconsuming. In order to get good results for Afnor and Inverse DIN folding styles, the paper first had to be ejected, folded manually and then loaded back into the folder to complete the crossfolds.

Coptos, one of the largest reprographics solution providers in France

Offers international construction companies and subcontractors printed documents with next-day delivery. Achieving their ambitious yearly growth target of 20 percent required a new solution with increased productivity, reduced costs per copy and greater product versatility. In early 2016 Coptos installed the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer and the HP PageWide XL folder with HP SmartStream Software.


Streamlined workflow

Since the installation of the HP PageWide XL printing system Coptos has reduced job preparation time significantly. Separating color pages from monochrome pages and sending them to two different printers is now a thing of the past. Denis Altuna underlines the impact of the new workflow: “The whole reprographics workflow is better integrated. The HP SmartStream software saves us 50 percent in time preparing and processing jobs. Over a week, we save a day’s work. Print previews are instantaneous so we spot errors before printing, such as missing font errors, or we can change the folding style and edit the position of the title box. Thanks to the printer’s ability to seamlessly deliver both monochrome and color in one pass, our productivity increased tremendously”.


Differentiated product offering

Media versatility was another important reason to choose HP PageWide XL. “We could expand our product portfolio, as the HP PageWide XL 8000 also supports a wide range of paper, from rollup banners, to plasticized papers and polypropylene substrates, or natural tracing paper when requested. This helped us tremendously to diversify and create higher value products with higher margins” explains Denis Altuna.


Outstanding print quality

To demonstrate the image quality and underline the level of detail customers get in CAD drawings, Coptos handed out 20th anniversary color posters produced on the HP PageWide XL 8000. “The customers were impressed” says Dennis Altuna. The bid sets for construction companies, which are produced on the HP PageWide XL printer, already generate a significant proportion of Coptos’ total revenue. “Our HP PageWide XL printer has already absorbed 45 percent of our black and white production while also printing color posters. As the demand for colour grows steadily we are able to maximize our profits as the margins are higher.” The HP PageWide XL Printer portfolio offers the fastest large-format printing available in color and black-and-white with speeds up to 30 D/A1-size prints per minute, as well as two 775 milliliter ink cartridges per color. HP PageWide Technology consists of more than 200,000 nozzles on a stationary print bar and spans the width of the page, enabling breakthrough printing speeds. Extended time between service station cycles also enables outstanding sustained productivity capacity. HP PageWide XL Printers do the job of two printers in one single device, providing monochrome and color prints at breakthrough speeds up to 60 percent faster than the fastest monochrome light-emitting diode (LED) printer.

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