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Having Purpose
Reinvent the Future of Sustainable Printing
The Science of Latex
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Sustainability overview - Environmental labels and certificates
Reducing Impact
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HP Sustainability Impact Series
Tips van experts over het leiden van een duurzaam en toch winstgevend printbedrijf

Watch the replay - HP Sustainability Impact series

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Having Purpose

Having purpose is essential. It drives us. Inspires us. Literally, keep us alive. And not many companies have the opportunity or ability to have a purpose like HP's: To create technology that makes life better for every-one, everywhere. It is a bold and authentic reason for being.
Sustainable Impact is our commitment to create positive, lasting change for the planet, its people and our communities. And it´s been a part of our company´s DNA from the very beginning. Eighty years ago. Dave Packard, one of HP´s founders said. "The betterment of our society is not a job to be left to a few. It is a responsability to be shared by all".

Reinvent the Future of Sustainable Printing

Every year new digital printing technology emerges, aiming to find the latest ways to improve the printing quality while minimizing printing time and keeping it sustainable. With an end-to-end approach, HP continues to drive a greater sustainable impact in large-format printing with each new generation of HP Latex Printing System. HP has the commitment and the scale to address current, as well as anticipated environmental needs, and to continue leading the change in signage printing.

The Science of Latex

HP Latex is a water-based ink technology, meaning up to 65% of the ink formula is water.

The latest water-based HP Latex Inks are designed to avoid the hazards associated with other inks without trading off performance making safer operations easier with more comfortable work environment for your operators. HP Latex Inks don't require special ventilation, as they do not release Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). They avoid reactive monomer chemistry exposure and ozone generation. This ink formula is combined with wetting agents and humectants needed for printhead reliability (which, incidentally, your HP home printer also uses) to produce a liquid ink vehicle that carries the latex polymer and pigment particles to and through the printer's printheads onto the substrate.

Radiant heat and forced airflow evaporate the liquid and set the latex, binding the pigments and substrate together to leave a durable image on the print media surface. Prints are ready to use, even animate, immediately.

Alles wat u moet weten over HP Latex-inkt

Helps You Win

Creating more opportunity--support customers' sustainability goals, differentiate your business, and gain advantages to access new business.

Businesses that offer a wide range of products can potentially reach more customers, more time-and cost-effectively, if they use the same equipment. Latex Inks are suitable for direct-to-substrate printing onto the lengthy list of materials, with many media certified for use by manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

Signage applications include retail displays, outdoor signage, window graphics, vehicle wraps, event and exhibition displays, soft signage. stickers and decals, clothing, and backlits.

In the decor market, Latex is also used successfully for fade-resistant window blinds, canvases, wall coverings, PVC flooring, and textiles including synthetic leather. This ingrained compatibility also enables PSPs to use alternative substrates with certain environmental attributes into their ranges like: reclaimed wood, FSC-certified sustainable papers, PVC-free materials, and textiles.

Finally, HP has now expanded the versatility and opportunity for its printers even more with the introduction of white HP Latex Ink for use in its systems.

Print on eco-conscious media to drive greater sustainable impact with your HP Latex.

Sustainability overview - Environmental labels and certificates

To enhance business opportunities and capabilities, it is imperative to secure the certifications and documentation that can help you meet the requirements of environmentally conscious brand owners and their print buyers.

More and more customers, large and small, are requesting print campaigns with reduced environmental impact.

In addition, customers are now supporting brands that meet compliance with legal regulations including documented proof that environmental standards are met.

The latest HP Latex technology delivers the compliance that matters with over 30 environmental credentials and labels. Additionally, you can combine HP Latex with over 50 eco-conscious media to offer an even more sustainable impact. Sharpen your customer's sustainability edge!

Reducing Impact

Reducing impact--aspiring to a world without waste. With an end-to-end approach, HP continues to drive a greater sustainable impact in large-format printing through manufacturing, product design materials, and product and print end of life.

HP Latex prints are recyclable, returnable, or non-hazardous and safe for disposal. The new HP Eco-Carton ink cartridge says goodbye to plastic-based ink cartridges - reducing plastic by 80%.

The carton box can be recycled locally, while the ink bag can be returned for free through HP Planer Partners, as well as used HP Printheads.

Recycling supplies is easy with HP Planet Partners



  • Draag bij aan het welzijn van uw werknemers, klanten en bedrijf


  • Met een prettige werkomgeving


HP grootformaat inkt op waterbasis.
Geen gevaarlijke luchtverontreinigende stoffen.2
Geurloze prints3 voor zelfs de meest gevoelige ruimtes.

Boek vooruitgang:

Met een kleinere impact van plastic


HP printers en supplies bevatten UL-gevalideerd plastic dat in zee dreigde te belanden en gerecyclede kunststoffen.6
Gratis HP Planet Partners-terugnameprogramma.7
HP cartridges zijn gebaseerd op karton, met 100% gerecycled karton.8
Compatibel met pvc-alternatieve media.9

Val op:

  • Met milieucertificeringen


De enige technologie in de markt voor signage in grootformaat met UL ECOLOGO®-gecertificeerde inkt.4
UL GREENGUARD Gold-gecertificeerd.5
De enige grootformaat printers in de markt voor signage die EPEAT-geregistreerd zijn.

Print veilig en duurzamer met HP Latex

HP Success Stories


Milieuvriendelijk printen met de HP Latex R1000 printer

OClock Soluciones

HP Latex R2000, een perfecte match

Ben Fogle

Grafox uses HP Latex technology to promote and support its sustainability principles.

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HP Sustainability Impact Series

Sustainability is the need of the hour - for customers, brands and businesses alike.
As one of the most sustainable companies in the world, HP continues to lead the change in sustainable printing solutions. Now it's time to think about how sustainable change can come from something as simple as how we choose to print. Together we can drive effective change for a sustainable future. Join our event series to know the latest sustainability trends and how they can have a positive impact and benefits to your business.
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Tips van experts over het leiden van een duurzaam en toch winstgevend printbedrijf

Met de toenemende zorgen wereldwijd over duurzaamheid en nieuwe regelgeving in de sector, ontwikkelen printbedrijven zich om zich aan te passen aan milieuvriendelijke praktijken die niet nadelig van invloed zijn op revenue en op de printkwaliteit.
Bekijk ons webinar voor informatie over de nieuwe normen en zakelijke best practices in de printsector.
Luister naar de laatste aanbevelingen van sectorexperts Marci Kinter (VP, Government & Regulatory Affairs - Printing United Alliance) en Steve Lister (Retail & Sustainability Strategist en hoofd Sustainability - POPAI UK en Ierland) voor you en doe uw voordeel met hun jarenlange ervaring.

Een duurzaam printbedrijf opbouwen om merkklanten aan te trekkenEen duurzaam printbedrijf opbouwen om merkklanten aan te trekken

Interested in our sustainability?

Designed to avoid the hazards associated with eco-solvent, UV, and UV-gel inks without trading off performance

Sharpen your sustainability edge with HP Latex

[1] HP Latex Inks were tested for Hazardous Air Pollutants, as defined in the Clean Air Act, per U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method 311 (testing conducted in 2013) and none were detected.
[2] Applicable to HP Latex printers. No special ventilation equipment means air filtration systems are not required to meet U.S. OSHA requirements. Condensate collection systems are provided on some models. Special ventilation equipment installation is at the discretion of the customer. See the Site Preparation Guide for details. Customers should consult state and local requirements and regulations.
[3] Applicable to HP Latex technology compared to competitive large format printing alternatives using solvent and UV technologies. Not all certifications are applicable for all generations of HP Latex Inks. See individual product data sheets for more information at
[4] UL ECOLOGO® Certified HP 832, HP 872, HP 873, HP 882, Latex inks and HP 864,865, 865, 886, 867, 869 and 870 L PageWide XL inks meet a range of stringent human health and environmental considerations . For certifications, see and
[5] Applicable to HP Latex inks. Based on sensory evaluations conducted by Odournet done according to VDI Guideline 3882 where 832 and 873 inks were characterized as “weak” in odor intensity and “neutral” for hedonic tone. There is a broad set of media with very different odor profiles. Some of the media can affect the odor performance of the final print.
[ 6] Applicable to HP Latex Inks. UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification to UL 2818 demonstrates that products are certified to UL’s GREENGUARD standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. Unrestricted room size—full decorated room, 33.4 m2 (360 ft2) in an office environment, 94.6 m2 (1,018 ft2) in a classroom environment. For more information, visit or For certifications, see
UL tested and certified HP Latex inks comply to ZDHC requirements. ZDHC is an organization dedicated to eliminating hazardous chemicals and implementing sustainable chemicals in the leather, textile, and synthetics sectors. The Roadmap to Zero Programme is a multi-stakeholder organization which includes brands, value chain affiliates, and associates, that work collaboratively to implement responsible chemical management practices. For more information, see
[7] HP 832, HP 872, HP 873, HP 882, and HP 886 Latex inks have been tested and demonstrated compliance to the following toy safety methods and protocols: EN 71-3, EN 71-9, ASTM F963-17, US 16 CFR 1303, US 16 CFR 1307, SOR 2011-17, and SOR 2018-83. HP does not recommend using the inks for toys intended to target children under the age of 3 years..
[8] Visit to see how to participate and for HP Planet Partners program availability; program may not be available in your jurisdiction. Where this program is not available, and for other consumables not included in the program, consult your local waste authorities on appropriate disposal. Free hardware collection and transportation for loads over 500kg/ 1000lb in the US.
[9] Most HP large format paper-based printing materials can be recycled through commonly available recycling programs, or according to region-specific practices. Some HP media are eligible for return through the free, convenient HP Large Format Media take-back program. Programs may not exist in your area. See for details. HP large format printing materials, both unprinted and printed with third- and fourth-generation Original HP Latex Inks, are non-hazardous and safe for disposal. Contact your local waste management authority for local area-specific instructions.
[10] HP applications experts have evaluated the catalog of media listed in the HP Media Locator based on internal criteria to identify those that provide alternative solutions with certain environmental benefits compared to the typical media within the same application type. The information in media locator is provided by the media substrate vendors. HP is not responsible for the veracity of the information from third-party companies published on the HP website. See
[12] The L700/800 printer total plastic weight uses 10 kg (22 lbs) or 20% recycled plastics recovered from post-consumer electronics, closed loop from HP Planet Partners, soda bottles, and UL Validated ocean bound resins. HP received the first recycled content validation for OceanBound Plastics from UL under the UL 2809 Environmental Claim Validation Procedure, see

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