Grafox uses HP Latex technology to promote and support its sustainability principles

Thanks to HP's Latex technology, the company, a leader in the field of digital printing and fittings, will be able to respond to the demands in terms of sustainability, quality and diversification of the offer.

Today, HP has reached the fourth generation of Latex technology, which allows it to increasingly refine the aspects related to sustainability, as well as improve the quality elements of processes and products. HP is also working with the utmost commitment on production processes, with a view to full sustainability because ecological does not only mean having a print that does not release odor and harmful emissions, but concerns the entire process, which starts from the production of the printer, cartridge, ink, printing and arrives, finally, to the finished product.

Grafox was founded in 1993 under the name of Graphos, a prepress agency that over time has established itself in the area for the reliability and quality of the products offered. In 2006, following an expansion of the company, it became Grafox continuing its specialization path and promoting investments in technology, introducing digital printing on rigid and flexible supports, creating aluminum profiles for advertising structures, innovative solutions for business promotion in the exhibition area and customizing sales spaces and interior design. Since 2018 he has been creating a coworking that combines the skills and work experience of several qualified companies specialized in design, 3D printing and design. Research, investment and foresight make Grafox one of the most solid companies in its sector, with over forty employees, a five-thousand-square-meter headquarters equipped with modern machinery and a largecustomer base.

At the base of Grafox's objectives today lie important principles and sustainability criteria that guide the company's choices.

"Perhaps we were not as aware of it as we are today, but our sustainable choice to use HP Latex technology has its roots in 2015 when the theme of respect for the environment had not risen to prominence as it does today. A technology that takes its name from its main component, namely the ecological latex, latex ink composed of water, pigments and latex polymers"

- Grafox co-founder, Andrea Lupatelli

Corporate social sustainability has been part of HP's corporate themes since 1957 and it was in 2008 that the company introduced the first generation of Latex technology to the market, now in its fourth generation, with a competitive advantage that in 2020 led HP to be recognized among the most sustainable companies in the world.

Grafox has decided to relaunch its green "attitude" using the HP LATEX R2000 PLUS printer, which allows you to print on a wide range of supports, rigid and flexible, with an eco-sustainable technology thanks to water ink, to a cartridge made of cardboard instead of plastic and with a production cycle – from printing to the finished product – that does not release odor andVOC missions, or volatile organic compounds, responsible for much of the environmental pollution and harmful to ozone and the air we all breathe. Without forgetting the consequent recycling of the printed product that HP Latex technology ensures because it does not impact and does not change the original characteristics of the product.

HP Latex is not only synonymous with sustainability, but also with quality and variety of solutions, and offers important advantages such as the resistance of glossy white, which does not turn yellow over time. Bright colors, more glossy white with high opacity, odorless inks, green soul and efficient workflow are the characteristics that HP Latex R2000 ensures and that are also gaining a strong consensus in the fashion, luxury and retail sectors.

Grafox, thanks to this choice, will thus be able to design together with the most sensitive customers to the subject a product considering its environmental impact from the moment of its creation, evaluating ex ante its recyclability and its reuse. It will also expand its range of applications, being able to strengthen both the previous solutions with a green connotation (banners, vinyls, posters) and use new printing materials (fabrics, glass, wood, toys, leather, leather) that will meet the most creative and diversified needs of the customer who wants to focus on quality without sacrificing the sustainability and attention to the environment.

Still in the field of sustainability, Grafox is committed to the realization of the Grafox Change project dedicated to the creation of a new company division attentive to environmental impact, through investments in printing machines with HP Latex water-based inks and the introduction in its product catalog of a series of rigid and flexible supports that are entirely recyclable or that come from recycled products so as to reduce their environmental impact with respect to the production chain.

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