HP Latex R1000 Plus

GENR8 Printing pivots beyond traditional applications during COVID-19

HP’s Latex R1000 Plus offers efficiency and reliability at a time when businesses need it most.

GENR8 Printing is a local Australian printing house that supplies customised print services to businesses across Newcastle, New South Wales. Since deploying the HP Latex R1000 Plus, GENR8 has been able to deliver exceptional print quality for new businesses beyond its core customer base of pubs and clubs, while exploring new and creative offerings to transform any surface.

As a business, we are trying to maintain a high volume of output and keep up with our customers as they request bigger and bolder ideas. We need the right equipment to deliver on these promises. The HP Latex R1000 Plus makes it easy, printing high quality materials with vibrant colours at speed.

– Yianni Moratidis, Founder and Managing Director at GENR8 Printing


Pursuing opportunities for growth during COVID-19

GENR8 Printing is a digital print house established by Yianni Moratidis in 2018.The Newcastle-based business was initially set up to complement Moratidis’ marketing, events and entertainment business GENR8 Entertainment that managed a range of musical acts for pubs and clubs in the local area.
“At the time, I was looking to try something new and exciting – a different idea that would feed my creative mindset,” says Moratidis.
Looking to turn up the heat in the local market, Moratidis soon found himself set up as a small digital print house powered by HP’s Latex 365.
With demand booming for GENR8 Printing’s services, the team of two quickly expanded to cater for a broader base of local businesses. Moratidis knew he was in it for the long term and wanted to invest in his growing business with the latest printing technologies.
It was, however, at this time that the COVID-19 pandemic escalated in Australia. Moratidis saw an opportunity here, knowing they would be quiet, to revamp the business and closed to relocate in a whole new facility.
They had to think quickly and take risks in orders to pivot their printing solutions and support their clients during this challenging time.


Supporting local customer base with creative new applications with the latest in HP large format printing technology

As part of the business’ expansion, Moratidis had decided to purchase the HP Latex R1000 Plus. The new machine offered easy, automatic printing for high-value rigid jobs, meaning GENR8 Printing was quickly able to begin offering services across both flexible and rigid substrates.
In the initial stages of NSW’s COVID-19 lockdown, GENR8 Printing printed over 50 metres of complementary floor stickers to assist local small businesses.

Setting up new technology in a time of fast and unpredictable change was made easier for GENR8 Printing thanks to the practical support available via HP’s video channel that helps users get the most out of their HP Latex R1000 Plus. HP’s applications specialists have also played a critical role in ensuring GENR8 Printing taps into the machine’s full capabilities and brings their ideas to life.
“I like to experiment with new applications, and the team at HP has been great in providing guidance on how we can get the most out of the technology.”

Meanwhile, Moratidis noticed many pubs and clubs were taking this downtime to refurbish and renovate and he took the time to speak to them about the best opportunities for their business in the short and long term with creative but practical printing ideas.
“With the roll-to-roll HP Latex 365, we were able to create signs and foam boards. But with the R1000 Plus we were afforded the chance to explore printing on plywood, brace boards, felt and even mirrored acrylic.”


Expansion of the GENR8 Printing business with new customer segments and extended service offerings

In its first five months, the HP Latex R1000 Plus has opened up fresh opportunities for GENR8 Printing.
According to Moratidis, the machine’s vivid colour gamut can sharpen the quality of any rigid substrate, while its white ink delivers a glossy finish that doesn’t yellow over time. This capability has particularly impressed the GENR8 Printing team who have noted that the vibrancy of this white ink makes the printed products stand out in a way never before seen on another machine.
Moratidis has also valued the environmentally sustainable advantages of water-based inks and the added bonus of odourless print jobs.
In an industry where speed is king, the efficiency of the HP Latex R1000 Plus has also helped GENR8 Printing stand out from the competition by delivering not only high-quality products, but swift service.
“As a business, we are trying to maintain a high volume of output and keep up with our customers as they request bigger and bolder ideas. We need the right equipment to make sure we can deliver on these promises.”
Armed with its HP Latex R1000 Plus, the team has been able to print, cut and deliver product such as acrylic
wedding invitations in as little as 48 hours, setting a new benchmark for production times.
Among its many new offerings, GENR8 Printing has also used this time to start branching out into interior decoration, receiving numerous requests for personalised wallpaper prints as people spend more time at home.
With plans to launch a website later this year, GENR8 Printing will continue working to its strengths, harnessing the creativity and passion of its team alongside the power of HP’s print technologies, to uncover opportunities even in the most challenging of times

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